Gartner analyst: Microsoft’s Windows Vista sales ‘aren’t all that great’

Apple Store“Microsoft Corp. said Monday it sold 20 million consumer copies of the new Windows Vista operating system worldwide in February, but analysts said the data shed little light on the program’s popularity during its first month on the market,” Jessica Mintz reports for The Associated Press.

Mintz reports, “By comparison, Windows XP, Vista’s predecessor, sold 17 million copies in the two months following its 2001 launch, Microsoft said.

“‘It’s a stronger than expected start,’ Bill Mannion, a director of product marketing for Windows, said in an interview,” Mintz reports. “But given that the personal computer market has nearly doubled since XP launched, Vista sales ‘probably should be more,’ said Michael Silver, vice president of research at Gartner, a technology research group.”

“The analyst said 51 million PCs were sold to consumers worldwide in 2002; this year, the research group predicts 96 million consumers will buy a computer,” Mintz reports. “Starting in late October, PC makers included coupons for free or low-cost Vista upgrades that could be used once the software became available at the end of January. Microsoft’s February sales total includes those promised upgrades, in addition to licenses ordered by PC makers to install on new computers, shrink-wrapped copies sold in retail stores and downloads from the Windows Marketplace Web store.”

Mintz reports, “‘That would say that those (Vista sales) numbers aren’t all that great if that includes all that backlog,’ said Silver.”

“Shipments of Vista to U.S. retailers in February lagged XP’s first-month shipments by about 56 percent, according to the NPD Group,” Mintz reports. “NPD analyst Chris Swenson said he thought Microsoft’s advertising strategy, which he said was light on TV commercials, was partly to blame for the drop in retail sales. Microsoft should have more TV ads selling Vista than Apple has criticizing Vista,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The Wzrd” for the heads up.]

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  1. I don’t watch much TV, but just the same, i have yet to see a Vista ad on TV. The closest i have seen is numerous repeats of Best Buy ads, selling Gateway computers with Vista installed and free GeekSquad help in moving your files to your new computer – in and of itself a backhanded swipe at Vista.

    Microsoft, keep up the good work! Seriously! You’re doing a hell of a job (at shooting ypourself in the foot!)

  2. Yes I have seen those BB ads as well… what I find funny is the Geek Squad guy saying they will “personalize” your PC for you… What?

    …anyone else see the stupidity of something being “personalized” by someone other than the end user…

  3. Microsoft is having their chance to advertise slipping by before the Leopard is let loose, but maybe it’s not good idea to make too much noise as a cow when there are already predators around.

  4. So, MS is comparing 4 months of sales of Vista against 2 months of sales of XP, while there is double the market today? In other words, Vista sales are dissappointing by a factor of 4 in comparison to XP.

  5. So what actually exactly did M$ spend the record billions in advertising on?

    In any case, it hardly matters, I think any advertising by M$ is a waste of money. People use Windows out of ignorance or alternatives or fear of change, so why do they need to advertise?

    The lask of sales, therefore in my mind, can only be explained by a growing awareness of people to the shortcomings of Vista, vis-a-vis XP and the Mac, and therefore they are in no hurry to upgrade until necessary. Advertising Vista aint gonna change that.

  6. Ah, common! If that wasn’t worth a MDN take, then what is!

    It won’t mater what their sales are, they will assimilate just by selling new computers. People won’t have a choice.

    Well, they’ll have one. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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