Apple’s iPhone ‘preverberations’ rock cell phone industry

Apple Store“It says something about the state of the cellphone industry that the product looming largest over the annual wireless show doesn’t even exist yet. Never mind that it’s coming from a company that’s never even made a cellphone,” Bruce Meyerson reports for The Associated Press.

Meyerson reports, “Indeed, the ‘preverberations’ from Apple Inc.’s plan to bring its addictive design simplicity and elegance to wireless with the iPhone is palpable across a good many announcements slated for CTIA Wireless 2007, which opens on Tuesday.”

“While the prototype that Apple unveiled back in January instantly drew drools with its slender, sleek looks, the real test will be whether the iPhone’s large touch-screen interface rewrites the rules for ease of use when it becomes available in June,” Meyerson reports.

In his full article, Meyerson covers a bunch of upcoming devices that each sound like non-winning high school science fair entries next to Apple’s iPhone – with a Morgan Fairchild reference, no less – here. Sliding physical keyboards? How quaint!

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  1. @hooty,

    And we’re off –
    Customer walks into a Cing. or ATT store and asks for an iPhone.
    Cing. sales person: What’s that?
    Cust. says: “…you know, the new cell phone from Apple.
    Cing.: Just a minute I’ll be right back.
    Cust.: (Waits patiently for five uniterrupted minutes)
    Different Cing. sales person comes out:
    Cing.: Can I help you?
    Cust.: I was just wanting to have a look at the new Apple iPhone since my contract is up for renewal.
    Cing.: I don’t think we have any of those in stock at the moment.
    Cust.: When do you expect them?
    Cing.: We haven’t heard anything from Apple recently but the last I heard they’re back ordered.
    Cust.: For how long?
    Cing.: We just don’t know – Have you seen the new LG phone that came out about the same time the Apple phone came out?
    Cust.: Yes…
    Cing.: That’s basically the same thing, and with a two year contract it’ll only cost you $100 bucks. Its really a great deal and we can send you out today with a brand new full featured phone. You know, this is Apple’s first cell phone and we really don’t expect to sell that many of them, and the first ones to hit the shelves are probably going to be full of bugs. So about that LG…

  2. now this is really quaint, “slide up along a different track to expose a full typewriter keyboard.” A typewriter keyboard? Am I the only who thinks a cellphone with a typewriter keyboard will be really big and really really clunky?

  3. @ Mr. Peabody

    I think it’s going to go more like this…

    AT&T_employee_1: ARE THEY STILL OUT THERE?
    AT&T_employee_2: {looks through cracks in plywood} Yeah, one of them has a crow bar.
    AT&T_employee_1: Shit! Do we have anything else to block the doors with?
    AT&T_employee_2: We have an LG Chocolate display…
    AT&T_employee_1: USE IT!!! Like we’re ever going to nee that again.
    AT&T_employee_2: Oh hell, they have an SUV, I think they’re gonna ram the door…
    AT&T_employee_2: We will what?
    AT&T_employee_1: I DON’T KNOW!!!! We’re out of ammo!!!
    AT&T_employee_2: That’s it. They do NOT pay me enough for this, I’m going back to Olive Garden.

    {outside, sounds of engines revving…}



    MW: ‘few’ (employees will know what hit them)

  4. I already been to the Cingular store and the guy asked if he could help me and I said, No, I’m waiting for June – you know, the iPhone?” He gave me a knowing smile and said, “Yeaaaaaaaahhhh!”

    Have no fear, them guys gonna have theirs before you can buy yours.

  5. I visited my local Apple Center today. Chatting a little with one of the staff and iPhone came up (of course!).

    He then said they had an actual real waiting list of about 100 people for the iPhone.

    And this in a swedish town of about 110 000 which are littered with cell phone stores and only a promise from Steve Jobs of hopefully the iPhone will come at the of end year!!!!

  6. Man the iphone is going to be so cool. I am a t-mobile user i love t-mobile and am very happy with them and cant wait for the iphone i just dont know why apple chose cingular whose customer service is the worst in the business. I have enjoyed t mobile more then any other provider i have had and am not switching so i am hoping there will be an unlocked version. But i am going to have to have a case of some sort because i drop my phone almost daily and i would not want to drop this.

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  7. Drunk Cheney and others…

    You can’t take a creativity class. You can’t learn it from a book.
    You’re either got it or you don’t.

    In this particular case, cell phone designers haven’t been very creative.
    What did they do?

    In our left hand we have a push button telephone… in our right, a walkie talkie..’
    PRESTO… a cellular telephone!
    And now for my next trick I will add a tiny, yet nearly useless camera! Voilá!

    Engineering skill? Absolutely! Creativity? Nah.

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