Apple TV ships

Apple StoreAfter an initial delay, Apple TV is now on the way to customers.

Many MacDailyNews readers report receiving emails that notify them that the product is shipping, some due to arrive as early as Thursday.

MacDailyNews Note: Since last Tuesday, multiple MacDailyNews readers have reported having their credit cards charged for their Apple TV orders. Apple customer service says that credit cards are only actually charged when the product is “ready for shipping.”

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  1. I really really want this thing but $300 is kinda expensive.

    But if my damn xbox 360 won’t get hacked to play .avi movies before the end of this year than i’ll get the Apple TV.

  2. Got my notice this morning. Should be here by Friday. Can’t wait!!! I want my Apple TV!!!!

    I got my new Airport Extreme last Friday. Works great! The two are a match made in Mac Heaven. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Cool. This is the first time i’ve ever pre-ordered a product..

    I just really hope that there are no major issues with the first batches like there have been with MacBooks and other 1st gen Apple products.. I mean, how much can go wrong with a wireless box with a hard drive, right?

  4. $200 is a fair price, $300 is a little too high. Sorry to be so cheap, but with apple selling more products and me needing to buy everything apple, it all starts to add up after awhile. In the good ole days, apple only sold 2 or 3 products, now there is an iPod, an iMac, base station, appletv, iphone. With more products available, lets start to lower the profit marge a little, please.

  5. I look forward to reports/reviews by the first buyers. Unfortunately, early adopters always have the extreme postcognitive dissonance attitude that everything new is better, perfect and unflawed so we can´t expect too many objective reports from them.

  6. My AppleTV has officially shipped! ‘Guessing’, you ask a valid question so let me tell you the reasons I would buy an AppleTV over a MacMini for connection to my TV.

    1. I like keeping all of my media on one Mac (in my case a 24″ iMac with 500GB internal and 1TB External Firewire800 HD’s)
    2. The AppleTV is a living room friendly device (The MacMini is a computer and because of that it is a little more complicated. In my living room I want to turn it on and it plays) My parents, grandparents, wife, kid and friends could walk in, turn it on and use it. After I perform the initial configuration on my iMac anyone (even a M$ guy) could use this device.
    3. The price difference, $400 is a lot of money if you don’t need another computer
    4. I don’t need another computer (I have an iMac and Macbook)
    5. Connection options (HDMI and Component connections are nice)
    6. Elegant design and GUI that was created to work best with my HDTV

    just my 2 cents… the Mac Mini is awesome and would be a great purchase.

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