RUMOR: Apple iMac makeover to feature slimmer, sleeker redesign

Apple Store“Apple’s popular line of iMac personal computers are about to undergo a substantial facelift that will showcase striking new industrial designs,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the matter say the Cupertino-based Mac maker has called upon its award-winning design chief Jonathan Ive and his team to cut the fat from the the current iMac line and outfit a pair of new Core 2 Duo-based models in a form factor that will be both slimmer and sleeker than today’s offerings,” Jade reports. “For Apple, the impending iMac makeover will represent the first major industrial design overhaul to hit its flagship all-in-one consumer desktop line in nearly three years.”

It’s “uncertain is precisely when Apple intends to drop the new iMac line into market. It appears, however, the systems are tracking as hardware-side complements to the company’s next-generation Leopard operating system release which, based purely on conjecture, may not be ready until May at best,” Jade reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Adam W.” and “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Hmmmm,

    “A little price drop, now and then, is a good thing. Don’t you think?”

    Price drop, revolution? Sometimes I get them mixed up. ref. The Hunt for Red October.


  2. My prediction is that iPhone look will find it’s way into other products.

    Imagine iPhone aesthetic for iMac…black front with some gloss…stainless rounded rim around entire face…wicked thin….aluminum back and base.

  3. Man, I hope they don’t abandon the “sub-$1000” computer market like the article suggests. That’s not only where a lot of schools want to buy but also families who want a second computer for their kids. Plus, marketing wise, it should be pretty easy to “upsell” a $999 computer to a $1199 computer.

    Just give us a few more options with the dang VIDEO card and most people wouldn’t care that Apple doesn’ have a “mid-tower.”

  4. It’ll be as thin as a pencil like the nano, but fill your entire wall. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

    (and smell like Apple Cinnamon)

  5. I am a fan boy.

    But sometimes I wish apple would focus a little less on design and lower the price some.

    God, I can’t believe I said that.

    My iMac is gorgeous. But to raise the price or to keep it the same just so it can be 1/2 an inch thinner is not cutting it for me.

    Apple, we need lower prices with the same power. I will buy pretty much anything you sell, but when talking to my pc friends trying to get them to change, they keep telling me the mac mini is still too pricey.

    The base iMac should be below $900 and the base mini needs to be below $500. And by base models, not lower power versions.

    I really want to buy my daughters imacs, but the base models are just too much still.

  6. Looks like I’ll be putting off that 24″ model further pass the Leopard release date.
    I was wanting an excuse, as I had a feeling they might be doing this.
    OK, y’all excuse me while I hold my breath……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….is it here yet?(head slams on keyboard)


  7. Tommy Boy, that was exactly what I was thinking – I’ve had my iMac 1-1/2 years now, and it STILL looks beautiful to me.

    Unlike the “iLamp”, whose design was fresha and exciting, but became a little stale or “dated” after a while, I was reading this thinking how they were going to make it “significantly” better..

    But knowing Jon Ive, I wouldn’t bet against him on it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Maybe the whole computer will be the size of a thimble, with a projected hologram for a screen… but where would they put the CD drive?

  8. Synthmeister,

    Actually, there are lots of people who would LOVE to see a Mac midi tower. It’s not about price, but SIZE.

    If you don’t want an all-in-one Mac the choices are extremely limited:
    A.) A MacPro, which is physically HUGE and overkill in terms of expansion.
    B.) A Mac mini which is underpowered, has NO expansion possibilities, uses a 2.5″ laptop hard drive and is crippled with the poor integrated Intel graphics card.

    Some people NEED a high-end graphics card but NOT 4 drive bays and PCI slots and a case that takes up half the space under your desk… office space in NYC is at a PREMIUM, folks!

    A mid-sized Mac with let’s say…
    Two PCI slots (one for the graphics card and one extra)
    One extra internal drive bay, for either an extra optical drive or hard drive
    4 RAM slots
    FireWire 800 and the usual array of ports.
    $1200 – $1500 would be a good price point.

    I do architectural design and know that for small design offices smaller boxes like this would be perfect.Yes, they might eat into MacPro sales a bit, but I bet they’d be hugely popular for people and companies that already have monitors and need powerful, yet reasonably sized machines.

    I don’t want an iMac, a MacPro is too much/too BIG and the mini is a joke… so I use a MacBook Pro with an external monitor. I’d love a mid-sized mac and share the monitor with my MBP. I could leave rendering jobs to the midi and still work on the MBP.

    We were having this same debate at a client’s office last week. They bought a couple of iMacs (to replace old eMacs) for the clerical staff and are waiting, reluctantly, for octo-core MacPros or maybe new MacBook Pros. Mac midis and Apple 23″ monitors would have been a no brainer.

  9. I hope so….that Chiclet on a stick iMac design just did not excite me…

    As far as price, I believe Apple has given up the notion of ever getting a large market share with its computers. It will go after the 5% of the market that is willing to pay a little more upfront for the design, coolness and OS.
    So start saving your pennies, folks!

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