Top 10 uses of an Apple iPod you’d never expect

“You may be used to seeing people listen to iPods on the train. You may even use one yourself in the gym or while walking the dog. However, the rise of the iPod has prompted generations of developers – and creative end-users – to exploit possibilities other than simply listening to music or watching videos,” Jo Best reports for

Here is a selection of the best, worst and oddest uses has come across:
• Record flight data
• Cut medical bills
• Make your desktop ultra portable
• Improve your tech knowledge
• Polish your bowling
• Run Linux
• Turn it into an enterprise haven
• Get some education
• Commit theft
• Personalise it

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  1. I use my first generation ipod as paperweight, doorstop, oh and it STILL works SIX YEARS later with no new battery. In fact it works well. I have three ipods now…and I’m planning on getting the iPhone.

  2. (Zune marketing director) Reindorp added: “We believe this toehold in the market will enable us to make a deeper footprint as time goes on and we’re committed to expanding the Zune offering.”

    It’s not even a toenail hold at this point.

  3. Hey, When I was over at Silicon, I saw a similar article from Nov 16th , 2006. I thought that they fixed this over 4 months ago????

    OH wait, I get it. That was vapor ware and this is the real fix, but in another 4 months they will release the real “real” fix. OH that Microsoft, aren’t they just so funny. Ha Ha Ha.


  4. In John Gee’s link, someone actually admits in public that they own a Zune. HeShe is a brave soul.

    I see also that Microsoft is still BS’ing the Zune Market Share. 9.9% What Bullshit. 29,000 sales per month equals 9.9% of the MP3 player market. What a laugh. 29,000 is about one per retail outlet that carries Zunes.

    Wait till you see their new non-touch screen Zune in brindle-shit-brown due out this summer.

  5. They forgot one use: Record your idiot liberal acquaintances as they make fools of themselves with their cut-and-run withering crybaby pussywhipped Qaida-worshipping patheticness!

    Sunday Times polls:

    Iraq: Life is getting better

    Resilient Iraqis ask what civil war?

    Violence slashed as troop surge hits Baghdad

    Also, iPod’s are a great gift for wing-nut liberal whack-jobs.

    “iPod … it’s not just for people with brains anymore!”

    Suck it, Libs!

  6. Check this out–LOL!–from today’s W. Post:

    When Emory University primatologist Frans de Waal read a news story that said Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, had hurled a chair across the room on hearing an employee was going to work for rival Google, the scientist immediately made a connection with his own research: “When I see such behavior, I think of a chimpanzee.”

    Here’s the link:

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