RUMOR: Apple stock split soon?

“Just over 2 years ago, Apple announced a two-for-one stock split. Last week, MSN opined that Apple shares would double by 2010. And the week before, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference and answered a question about a possible stock split by saying ‘We have nothing to announce today,'” LoopRumors reports.

Today, however, LoopRumors has learned that Apple is in very serious discussions about another stock split.

Full article here.

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  1. Come on, all you SUPPOSED experts in all things financial and political. Surely you know more about this than anyone else in the world. Let’s hear it! A brief sampler of ideas: “The American and world economies are doomed. Bush is a turd. Steve Jobs is a liar and a cheat. America is the Great Satan. All business transactions are conspiracies. Corporations are the embodiment of evil. Only the poor and downtrodden will see the face of God. Etc., etc., etc.

    Let ‘er rip, geniuses!

  2. doesn’t matter fundamentally – just more pieces of the same pie. only matters in terms of pereception. people will think that the stock is cheaper but it’s not. it’s obvious that Berskshire Hathaway is a cheaper stock than Yahoo even though one trades at over $100,000/share and the other trades at $30/share. if you can’t see that, then stick to mutual funds/ETFs.

  3. I’ve been through two stock splits now, and each time the stock temporarily dropped after the split. Last time I was wise and sold just before the split, and bought back in a short while after. So I was able to more than double my shares and it is back up above where it split last time ($86 I think) in just two years. So I say, bring it on!

  4. I bet that for a lot of young folks Apple might be one of the first stocks they consider buying. A lower price would make that easier for them.

    What better way to get people on board with your brand than to have them own a share of the company?

    I don’t see Apple letting the stock rise forever a la Google, Hathaway, etc.

  5. Midlothian, I’m no expert, but here are some assertions that you can count on.

    1. I own Apple stock, not a lot, but I’m glad to have what I have.

    2. If I had the money, I’d buy more just after the split, if a split happens.

    As far as prognostications are concerned, I have only this one: the sun will set this evening and rise tomorrow morning. Any other claims that I, or anyone else, could make are buncombe until they are proven otherwise.

  6. “Apple has today released their new Operating System ‘Leopard’ to compete with the almost universally panned Microsoft’s Vista.

    “To the delight of many, the ‘Leopard’ operating system almost appears to be alive, so deeply embedded is animation into every corner of the desktop.

    “‘Leopard’, however, is only the the latest offering from the Cupertino, California, company that has experienced quite a resurgence in recent years. From a lowpoint some five years ago, Apple has ridden the great success of the iPod to a level of profitability never before seen.

    “Indeed, the buzz around upcoming iPhone has been near deafening, and the recent stock split saw prices rise another 10% inside of the week.

    “Apple appears to be one one tech company that consumers have taken quite a shine to, and which shows no signs of slowing down.”

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