Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 coming Friday, May 11, 2007?

Apple StoreWe don’t know the final release date of the final version of Mac OS X Tiger, but “the likelihood is quite high [that it was March 13, 2007] given Apple’s Mac OS X release history as charted here and no prior Mac OS X update has had a version number higher than 10.x.9. It’s easy to observe that the last update to a current Mac OS X version has been released prior to the release of a new version. Also [we] observe that the gap between the last revision of a current and new operating system has shrunk for the past three Mac OS X releases. If Leopard were to follow the same number of days between Panther and Tiger then Leopard would be released on March 27, 14 days after Tiger 10.4.9. I don’t have any confidence in such an early release date,” Switch To A Mac writes.

STAM analyzes much history and evidence and concludes the best guess release date for The OS That Will Replace Mac OS X Tiger as the World’s Most Advanced Operating System” will be on Friday, May 11, 2007.

Evidence, rationale and much more here.


  1. Sheer stupidity. The LAST day Apple would make announcement would be a Friday. Anyone in PR knows that Fridays are when news releases go to die – you post news on Fridays when you don’t want the world to notice.

    I predict that Apple will release 10.5 when it’s damn good and ready. I’d rather wait for it to be right that rushed like that abortion pushed out by another company I refuse to mention.

    You railbirds are like a bunch of kids crowded around the oven impatiently waiting for the cookies to finish baking. Yeah, I know. I can smell the cookies too. But as any good mom would tell you, be patient. Good things take time.

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