Apple’s Mac OS X: the best commercial operating system on the market

Apple Store“In a recent article, [H]’s esteemed Editor-in-Chief [Kyle Bennett] made some flagrantly, but not uncharacteristically, blunt comments regarding his opinion about Mac OS and, indeed, the company as a whole: ‘Apple operating systems = suck. All of them. Actually, it’s Apple itself that sucks.’ He later specified his particular distaste with the company with the following rationale: ‘It shoves its terribly overpriced ‘froo froo’ hardware down my throat to make me get the OS, and, quite frankly, I am just not buying it,'” Scott Unzicker writes for [H] Enthusiast.

“He’s not happy because the most stable OS on the market is only available with Apple hardware. This is understandable, and perhaps Apple does suck for excluding nearly the entire DIY enthusiast market as potential customers,” Unzicker writes. Unzicker doesn’t fail to mention “the Mac’s ability to run OS X, Linux/UNIX (along with the literally thousands of apps out there associated with that family of OSs), and Windows.”

Unzicker writes, “Apple has its faults, like any company, but at least they’re innovative, and not the derivational product of stunted, homuncular minds, ripping off ideas like rats picking scraps from the higher mammals’ tables.”

“Microsoft has come out with Vista, and by my and many observations, it’s a pale shadow and a weak reflection of what the Apple engineers successfully released in April of 2005. Longhorn essentially evaporated and rained back down in a watered-down expectoration of abandoned objectives,” Unzicker writes.

Unzicker writes of security, “Why is the Mac OS so secure? In short, when the core of your OS is open source (FreeBSD, for the most part), one can achieve a level of security and maturity unattainable to one written by cloistered, myopic bean counters, drunk and delusional from the stale, fermented laurels of past successes.”

“As mad as Kyle may be that Apple won’t let him shoot himself in the foot by trying to install the OS on some duct-tape and barbed-wire system, he has to respect that the segment of the consumer market Jobs targets doesn’t really want to be able to shoot themselves in the foot. They want a pre-packaged, eminently functional, and perfectly integrated system. Money is not everything. The quality of experience Jobs provides to the Apple faithful is more important than the almost-certainly engorged bottom line he’d see by licensing the software to run on other platforms,” Unzicker writes.

Unzicker writes, “Is Apple perfect? No way in hell. Do I believe they have the best commercial operating system on the market? You bet. Integrity trumps shareholder dividends any day of the week.”

Oh, yes, there’s much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jimbo von Winskinheimer” for the heads up.]

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  1. “In short, when the core of your OS is open source (FreeBSD, for the most part), one can achieve a level of security and maturity unattainable to one written by cloistered, myopic bean counters, drunk and delusional from the stale, fermented laurels of past successes.”

    What a great line. This guy undoubtedly earned A’s in English.

  2. Has this guy actually looked at the Apple hardware? I mean, my iMac has really great features – such as LEDs on the mobo that illuminate to provide teh status of subsystems for trouble shooting…not so in my Dell from work.

  3. News Flash:

    “It shoves its terribly overpriced ‘froo froo’ hardware down my throat to make me get the OS, and, quite frankly, I am just not buying it”

    MacBook Pro
    Mac OS 10.4
    15.4″ Widscreen
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz
    1 Gb DDR2 SDRAM @ 666 mHz
    120 GB Hard Drive
    6X SuperDrive
    Airport Extreme (n-draft wireless)
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 128 MB SDRam
    built-in iSight
    +iLife, lots of developer tools, ability to run numerous OS, no need for AntiVirus software etc.

    Dell Precision M65
    Same as above except the following changes:
    Windows Vista Ultimate (needed to compare features to Tiger)
    only a/g wireless
    8X DVD+/-RW
    NVidia Quattro 512 MB SDRAM
    no built-in camera
    +no useful additional programs

  4. @ hotinplaya

    Wow…scary is right! Not hardly one pro Mac comment. One guy admits that when he is feeling lazy he will use his Mini rather than fire up his PC. These guys are feeling pretty insulted by this article as it is coming directly from a haven of nerdy muffin buffin Windows lovers. There are some pretty nasty comments about Mac users. They DO NOT want to hear what they are hearing. Quite amusing.

  5. Mac OS X is the best “commercial” operating system? Does this imply that it is not the best OS, period? Is some “non-commercial” packaging variant of Linux better?

    I had an old Panasonic Toughbook CF-47 laptop sitting on a shelf not doing anything, so I put Ubuntu ( on it to see what Linux was like. This laptop is from the Windows 95/98 timeframe; it has a Pentium III in the 500 MHz range. It has been upgraded with a 20GB hard drive and to about 220MB of RAM. It pretty outdated, but it’s a sturdy “tank” (and it has a very nice screen and a great keyboard), so it was nice to use it again.

    First thing I liked about Ubuntu is that you can download and burn a “live” CD and boot from it into the Ubuntu OS. This let me try it to make sure it works on my hardware. Then it was a simple matter to use that same CD to install the OS onto the hard drive. It was as easy as any Mac OS X installation I’ve done. It established a network connection through a PCMCIA ethernet card without any manual configuration.

    Ubuntu packages a set of applications with the basic installation, much as Apple bundles its core applications with new Macs. The default UI is Gnome. The browser is Firefox. The email program is something called Evolution. The Office suite is OpenOffice. GIMP is installed as the graphics app. Additionally, there is an equivalent to Apple’s Software Update utility. This program has notified me of updates and handled the update installations without issues. Another utility handles the installation (and removal) of programs. The UI was unfamiliar, but by clicking on the Firefox icon, I could to 75% of what I do on a Mac these days.

    The Ubuntu organization has made Linux easy to install and configure. It is handling the work of improving the user experience, by “limiting” novice user choices, just like Apple does with its Macs; more experienced users are free to make changes, of course. The last time I tried Linux, I had to do some command line stuff to set it up properly and using the OS itself was a hassle. Now it seems to “just work,” like with a Mac. Even on my ancient hardware, it run surprisingly well.

    With the Windows Vista fiasco here to stay, Apple should be more concerned about Linux on the desktop. Since Windows Vista requires higher-end hardware to run, there may be a trend for PC box makers to install Linux on their low-end (sub $500) machines. And the box makers will have the added benefit of NOT having to pay Microsoft for licensing Windows. If my positive experience with Ubuntu is typical, Linux may yet become the “good enough” OS for the masses.

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