Miglia debuts TVMAX+ Mac PVR, TV tuner, content provider for iPod, iPhone or Apple TV

Apple StoreMiglia today announced TVMAX+ (£150), a “content collection hub” for any iPod or Apple TV. TVMax+ connects to a range of devices and let’s you enjoy your shows on the go. TVMax+ is also a Standard Resolution TV tuner, so you can watch, pause and record broadcast content. recording formats include: iPod Good, iPod Best, Apple TV, DVD ready, Full size (Mpeg4), DIVX Portable, and DIVX Home Theater.

Key Features:
• Quick content provider for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV
• Records all video content ‘on the fly’ in real time for iPod & Apple TV
• Capture VHS tapes to DVD fast
• Online EPG supporting both tvtv & TitanTV, decide what you view with ease
• Analog TV receiver for Cable TV channels
• Two year warranty, total peace of mind

TVMax+ allows connection to a full range of video devices using the coaxial, composite (RCA), and S-Video inputs. Transform your Mac into a personal video recorder and capture your VHS, Camcorder tapes or DVD’s. Imagine being able to store entire collections of your favourite shows on your iPod or Apple TV.

TVMax+ lets you watch, pause, record TV and supports both the tvtv and TitanTV Electronic Programming Guides so that you know exactly what’s on and when, allowing you to schedule your shows for you to watch at your convenience.

More info here.

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  1. None of these devices manipulate ClearQam HD and only a few manage ATSC HD content.

    Since the entire US broadcasting market is going to complete digital by the end of 2008, and requires licenses to use the HDMI/ACSS DRM schemes.

    These devices, including the AppleTV, is almost completely worthless without the DRM chips.

    Notice how most TV stores only carry HD TVs now? Notice HDMI on the box?

    No more VCR’s or analog TV’s to be seen?

    Everything except a very few broadcasting stations “over the air” are going completely DRM. OR cable companies are locking people out using ClearQAM signals.

  2. Cable companies indeed are a monoploy as they control access to the living room content.

    They make money by selling content and Hollywood makes money by making it. So the two are joined at the waist, so to speak.

    They wanted a complete top to bottom solution that locks everyone else out of the game.

    Computers have no place, even at the best efforts of our buddy Steve Jobs, because computers is about getting conent for free, or finding ways to let others have it for free.

    Intel has stepped up to the plate to try to protect Hollywoods precious content by instituting EFI, allowing developers to control hardware and networking access by the operating system and the programs users run on it.

    Although Apple’s Intel Mac’s ship with the EFI GUID partition completely empty, it doesn’t take much for some developer or hacker, to fill it and control your machine.

  3. I’m surprised that no one has come up with a PVR conduit with a cable card 2.0 slot. This will allow encrypted digital feeds to be read correctly.

    Are the cable companies and content distributors blocking manufacturers from providing such a device?

  4. The cable companies have to provide cable cards, but the satellite companies want a different technology, so the TV makers are stuck….what to do? I plan to buy either a Panasonic or Hitachi with a slot. I believe they both have analog vidoe out for recording to something like this.

  5. Wise Guy

    Cable companies have to compete with satellite and phone companies, not to mention the franchise agreements with each municipality who can decide not to renew the agreement and go with another cable company. Other than that, yeah, it’s a monopoly.

  6. Just bought me an EyeTV Hybrid at OWC for $130. Can’t wait to get me grubby hands on it. I have an Aquos using ATSC from my rooftop aeriel. I get almost 40 channels of content (tons of PBS) and 3 unique weather channels. One is a full screen doppler – I can watch it for hours ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Who needs cable when you’ve got NetFlix? It’s not like MTV actually plays music videos anymore

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