Apple releases iTunes 7.1.1

Apple today released iTunes 7.1.1 for Mac and Windows which addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems in iTunes 7.1.

iTunes is the world’s best way to organize and enjoy your personal digital music and video collection with your Mac. iTunes is also the easiest way to sync music, videos, and more with your iPod.

With iTunes, easily create a digital music and video collection by importing your personal music CDs or downloading your favorite songs and videos from the iTunes Store. Create your own playlists, perfect for any mood or occasion. Burn playlists to CDs and play them on your home stereo, or sync iPod with iTunes and enjoy your collection in your car or on the go.

iTunes is available via Software Update and also as standlaone installers.

More info and download link:

iTunes 7.1.1 for Mac (28MB)

iTunes 7.1.1 for Windows (36.1MB)

MacDailyNews Note: Apple lists Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 as iTunes 7.1.1 for Windows system requirements with no mention of Windows Vista.


  1. “Still not compatible with Vista, which seams like a cheap shot. I expect Word to stop working with Leopard.”

    “Cheap shot”, not really tons of windblows, M$ loving developers are struggling to make their apps work with Vista. You “expect Word to stop working in Leopard.” Oh, no! We’re doooomed!

    Dumb ass.
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  2. “Still not compatible with Vista, which seams like a cheap shot.”

    Let Vista rot in peace.

    When was the last Office update? 2004? Three years ago?

    For fun, run a Google search on Vista sucks. There’s an blog with a LOOOOONNNG thread of people pissed off at Microsoft for releasing crapware and pretending it’s a usable OS.

    Wounded by the Aeros of early adoption. And Bill giggles himself to sleep every night.

  3. Come now, we all know that iTunes 8 is right around the corner. There will need to be a new release to support the iPhone. That version will most likely have Vista support. Adobe did this to Apple, Microsoft does this sort of thing to everyone, and now it’s Apple’s turn to do this to Microsoft. Why roll Vista support into the old tree and increase your risk when you’ve got a brand new one under development?

    MW: “weeks” as in we only have a few weeks to wait for iTunes 8 and the goodness that is iPhone.

  4. “Why roll Vista support into the old tree and increase your risk when you’ve got a brand new one under development?”

    Yeah, MS busted out WMP and IE7 to promote Vista. I see no harm in waiting. I feel sorry for the people check mated into buying vista on a new PC, but then again…they bought a PC.

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