Cellphone users set their sights on Apple’s iPhone; look to get out of existing contracts

“Priya Sanghvi wants an Apple iPhone from AT&T’s Cingular Wireless when it comes out in June, and she is already strategizing how to get it,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today.

Graham reports, “Now a Verizon Wireless customer, she’s exploring a range of options, including trying to wrestle with Verizon to let her out of her contract early, using one of the new online swap services to dump the remaining months of the contract, or even just paying the $175 early-termination fee. ‘I just switched from a Dell to an Apple laptop and love the Mac lifestyle,’ says Sanghvi, 22, a recent graduate of New York University. ‘I never go anywhere without my iPod and cellphone. Now, I’ll only have to bring one device with me.'”

“Like Sanghvi, Atlanta software customer service manager Nate Mansfield is ready to dump his Verizon service with a year remaining on his contract, even though he’s perfectly satisfied with it,” Graham reports. “He’s got iPhone fever, though he’s never seen the phone in person.”

MacDailyNews Take: People were also perfectly satisfied with horses until the automobile was invented.

Graham continues, “Consumers are turning to blogs and websites to chat up the iPhone and trade tips on whether they can get out of an existing contract to sign with Cingular.”

“‘People are desperately looking for ways to cancel their service so they can get the iPhone,’ says Meghann Marco, associate editor of The Consumerist website. ‘I’ve never seen anything like this.’ Charles Golvin, an analyst at Forrester Research, thinks many consumers will switch to Cingular for the iPhone but says most will simply pay an early-termination fee or wait out their contracts,” Graham reports.

More in the full article including tips on getting out of contracts here.
Can you say “massive demand?” We knew you could.

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  1. My main line Verizon contract expires in Oct, my second line in Sept, my third is month-to-month.
    I was going to cancel completely, but all my wife’s friends are on Verizon and she gets unlimited calls.
    So I guess I will have to pay 2 plans.
    Luckily for me, my company just got bought by AT&T, so I am getting employee discount, hurray!

  2. I received in the mail, a $70 rebate from Sprint yesterday that will be applied to the balance of my Sprint account if I agree to a new 2-year contract.

    Offer expires April 30 and with a little digging I’m sure my records would reveal that my current contract is about to expire.

    The heat is on… it’s on the street.

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  3. I just signed a 2 year deal with Sprint about 3 weeks before the unveiling of the iPhone.

    to cancel, it would be $200…. what a rip off! I think I’ll have to keep Sprint until my contract is up a little less than 2 years from now! Ugh…

    But on a positive note, the iPhone at that time will make this one look incredibly old!

  4. I didn’t renew my Verizon contract when it expired last septemeber, because I was waiting on the iPhone… unfortunately, I just lost my Treo, so I’m gonna either have to pay full price for another one or renew my contract with VZ… hopefully I can find a cheap used one on e-bay, that’ll last me ’til June…

  5. I am a cingular (AT&T) customer.

    My cell phone (Erricson P900) lost a battle with my 2 year old nephew. I bought a used phone on ebay so that I would be able to upgrade when the Apple comes out (I didn’t want a new nice phone if it came with a contract).

    Every Treo and WinCE owner I know is waiting for June to switch. The only smart-phone owners I know of that do not want to switch, have blackberries and work at companies with blackberry enterprise servers.

    My fear is a 3-5 month waiting list, I think Apple has underestimated the demand.

  6. I’m already on Cingular/AT&T. Have been for a few years. Luckily this is one stress I don’t have to put up with.

    Good luck to the rest of you!

    While I most likely won’t be an early adopter (finances are just not there at the present but June is still out in the future) I’m definitely going to be an owner of one of these.

  7. Every executive at my company plans to switch. At a recent meeting with another very large company (north of 3 billion in sales) its executives said the same thing, and they said they don’t care what their IT folks say. I agree, demand is gong to outstrip availability. By the way, I am buy 4 four my immediate family.

  8. ChrissyOne…be careful about doing that as you will be littering. However if you are passing by an MS Vista user group, you should speed up a little before pitching it.

    I use Rogers in Canada and guess who will be the provider


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