MSN Money’s Jon Markman: ‘I think Apple shares will double again by 2010’

“Even as world markets renewed their high-volatility rout this week, real business went on as usual. And for tens of thousands of companies without exposure to subprime lenders or low-end consumers, business is still very good,” Jon Markman writes for MSN Money.

“A genuine leader in this regard at the moment is Apple (AAPL), which is on track to emerge later this year as the single most influential, life-changing and powerful company in the technology and consumer electronics universe. In a few years, it could even become the most valuable,” Markman writes.

Markman writes, “The latest step in Apple’s amazing transformation from industry doormat to kingpin will come in the next 30 days, as investors and consumers come to recognize a set of powerful catalysts that have the potential to kick Apple’s sales and earnings to levels that will shock skeptics and possibly even surprise optimists.”

“Apple shares, now trading around $90 after doubling from 2004 levels, could very well double again by 2010, putting the company in the very highest tier of global industrial titans. If you have ever kicked yourself for not buying Apple four years ago when you bought your first iPod, you should go for it now during this market weakness,” Markman writes.

Full article, with much more, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “E of E” for the heads up.]

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  1. Since Tommo_UK has not posted on this thread yet — as I write this — let me point out what is right and what is wrong with this article.

    What is right are all of the great words about Apple. What a company! It’s growth is indeed spectacular.

    But what is wrong with the article and the analysts’ reports upon which the article is based is that the numbers only represent the growth — and conservative at that — of Apple’s current products. The numbers do not include earnings projections for the any upcoming products! The potential for the iPhone alone by 2010 is enough to multiply Apple’s market cap several times over.

    The 2010 date is past the time when TV will be all HDTV. The big market for HDTV will also be the big opportunity for Apple TV. This coming year will give Apple and its hard core supporters time to shake out the Apple TV and new models will be undoubtedly ready for the really big push of the conversion to the new standard. That is another potential gigantic market.

    And who does not think that at least some new product categories will not appear by 2010?

    Also consider that Apple’s own estimates given in its guidance sessions quarterly with the analysts are choreographed exercises in sandbagging in the extreme. They always under promise and over deliver.

    Double? Bah, not even close!

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