Why Apple TV is more important than iPhone

Apple Store“Apple could unleash Apple TV this week, and this device, not the iPhone, could become the most important Apple product launch since the original iPod,” David Haskin blogs for Computerworld.

Haskin writes, “That’s because the stakes are much, much higher for Apple TV than iPhone. If iPhone succeeds, it will bring lots of revenue into Apple, but it basically is just an iPod with phone capabilities and a unique user interface. Apple TV, however, could open a whole new market for Apple and also has the potential to bring Internet distribution of movies and television into the mainstream.”

“If Apple TV succeeds, it could revolutionize digital media in general the same way iPod revolutionized digital music,” Haskin writes.

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  1. In order to stress the AppleTV abilities, he downplays the iPhone. Spin at its greatest, as the iPhone is not another iPod with a phone inside, not even close.

    He is correct, however, in stating AppleTV is poised to do very well. Apple is playing a sleeper game with AppleTV, but as it ads more content, HD, and eventually (when bandwidth is there for more than 10% of the market) live sporting events and news, etc…

    A breath of fresh air vs. Cable and Dish.

  2. I’m anxious to chuck my Motorola phone for the iPhone. Not so for iTV. Not until it’s able to easily archive the shows I watch on regular TV to DVDs. The current state of DVR/DVD-recorders is failed interfaces. Automate iTV Apple!

  3. I both agree and disagree with his assessment.

    While the Iphone is spectacular, it wil be displacing already existing phones. The Apple TV may create an entirely new industry. Companies, most notably Microsoft, have been trying to connect the computer to the TV for years. If Apple TV seemlessly ties the TV with the content of Itunes, then we may be seeing a sea change in the how we obtain and view entertainment content.

    On the other hand, I think the item least talked about with the Iphone is the “halo” effect. We know that the Ipod – which has little or nothing to do with the Mac – has dramatically increased Mac sales. The Iphone runs Mac OS X. If people who buy the Iphone become familiar with the Mac OS, then the change to the Mac may become almost effortless.

  4. maczealot, YES, give us new Macs with Penryn chips and Leopard. Apple TV and iPhone are nice, but Macs are digital hubs to everything. I can’t wait for just ONE freaking Mac announcement this year. Sheesh!

  5. I don’t know. I’m afraid Apple TV might be too limited in functionality to make the splash that iPod did. If you don’t keep all of media on your computer, it’s not worth much. I think it would have been a bigger hit if it had a huge HD that could hold all of your media, plus get content wirelessly from your computer. I also think DVR functionality is a must. I understand why they didn’t add it, but that’s the deal breaker for me. The ideal product of this type for me be a central digital storage device for TV shows that I record, movies that I either buy online or rip from my DVD collection, that’s able to access music and photos from my computer. The Apple TV model makes that central device your Mac, but that doesn’t work for me. I have three HDs on my PowerMac and I need all of that room for work. I can’t afford to save movies and TV shows on it. I doubt that I’m alone. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so for Apple’s sake.

  6. To Grapegraphics,

    vs connecting AppleTV:

    “If your TV’s HDMI port is occupied by another device, or if your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can connect to Apple TV via component video and audio. So no matter what your entertainment system looks like, Apple TV connects easily.”

    And if you have a DVD player or VHS hooked up to your TV that has component video, you can run the connection thru them and still have your DVD, etc.

    Just a thought.


  7. Apple needs to integrate EyeTV, or purchase Elgato to allow them to offer a complete DVR solution. Until then my Mac Mini w/EyeTV will suit my needs just fine with no need for an AppleTV.

    MDN MW: passed; as in I’ve passed on the AppleTV for now.

  8. I wish Apple TV were released. I’d like to see some reviews,

    Now conceptually it’s a great idea. I’d love to store my porn on my (as yet non-existent) media server and watch it in my bedroom. However, Apple TV doesn’t ship with connectors for any TV I’m likely to have in my bedroom in the near future, so it seems like a waste of a product for me.

    MW: Poor as in Apple made a poor decision by not including a yellow analog out.

  9. Too bad the Apple TV WON’T succeed. Nobody wants it, it’s priced too high, and it does virtually NOTHING that anybody needs. Seriously, do you know ANYONE who needs or wants this product… especially at a $299 price point? Maybe if Apple was giving them away for free.

  10. Both are overhyped.
    Apple TV will be the biggest flop.
    Who in their right mind wants to go through the trouble to download a crap-quality movie onto their computer, then beam to Apple TV to then watch on one´s 52-inch HDTV? Crazy. Terrible quality is all Apple TV/iTunes process can do.
    The World is going HDTV and Apple wants us to get excited on watching lousy quality TV that just kind of looks okay on a 12-inch monitor.

    The Apple iPhone. Too hard to predict…but it could easily be a flop just because of things Apple can´t control. Like the Phone companies it partners with and the lousy, slow download times.

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