‘The Filter’ plug-in playlist generator for Apple iTunes comes to Mac

Not so long ago half your record collection would sit in the attic, gathering dust. In 2007 it’s more likely to be languishing in the dark recesses of your iPod or laptop, unplayed, unloved. We always think we’ll get round to making great playlists and rediscover hidden gems, but let’s face it, who’s got the time?

The Filter is a plug-in for Apple’s iTunes. To make great playlists you’re going to need a minimum of two hundred songs.

Simply download the free software, highlight one or two songs that typify what you want to listen to from your iTunes library and The Filter will generate a playlist for you that suits your current mood.

The iPod Refresher function creates playlists for specific activities, such as getting to work or going to the gym. And what’s more it can refresh those playlists each and every time you sync your iPod (or compatible player) to keep them from getting boring.

You can apply to become an Alpha tester for the Macintosh version of ‘The Filter 2.0’ (already full, but you’ll be on the list to be notified when the beta version is available) here.


  1. I dunno..
    For me, just the one playlist I have in my iTunes suffices very well.. If I had to click on another playlist to “suit my current mood” .. I forsee a time when I’ll be looking for a certain song, forgetting which playlist I put it in …
    I’m a fan of the K.I.S.S. method.. (ya kno ..’keep it simple, stupid’ ) ..
    But then, thats just me .. For people who enjoy multiple playlists .. this thing could be great for them !

  2. “Minimum of two hundred song” pffft. 20,000+ songs and I still have two boxes of vinyl yet to digitize.

    My wife can’t wait for me to finish and get the last of the CDs and LPs outta the house.

    MW: Months, heh, it’s taken a lot longer than that to digitize the whole damned deejay collection.

  3. Tommy Boy: “Minimum of two hundred song” pffft. 20,000+ songs and I still have two boxes of vinyl yet to digitize.

    Well, aren’t you special… Anything else you would like to brag about??? 14″ cock? Lamborghini in the driveway? Harem of 1000 naked women?

    I guess some people post just to read their name on the web.

  4. Sorry guys, I only have a 4″ pecker and a 50″ waist, so I make up for it with a lot of music. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”red face” style=”border:0;” />

    Huxley turntable to amp. Amp to G5. Record using Rouge Amoeba’s Audio Hijack as AIFF files. Clean-up (split, cut, de-pop, amp) in Macromedia SoundEdit16 (yes a classic app). Import AIFFs into iTunes, add track info

  5. John Keogh–

    iScrobbler is something completely different.

    The Filter creates playlists within iTunes.

    iScrobbler reports what you listen to, to an online database.

    For those who may be interested, iScrobbler works with Last.fm, which is an awesome service, by the way. In fact, this is my Last.fm page.

    MW: The. As in, The Filter.

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