PC World’s Wintel boxes suffer from Mac envy

“UK computer superstore chain PC World clearly thinks its customers are suffering on the sly from Mac envy,” Tony Smith reports for The Register. “How else can we explain how the pictures of PCs on its online store and in its catalogues all show Mac OS X screenshots?”

“Register Hardware reader Matt Kyte sent us a pic he took of a PC World catalogue page. On offer, a Packard Bell desktop and a Toshiba notebook. Both machines’ screens clearly shown with Mac OS X browser Safari – ironically being used to display Microsoft’s Windows Vista website,” Smith reports.

Smith reports, “But that’s not all. PC World’s website is replete with hundreds of desktop and notebook PCs all with Mac OS X’s Jaguar Aqua Blue desktop wallpaper on display.”

“None of the Macs the retailer offers sport Windows Vista on their screens, so PC World hasn’t got itself completely in a twist,” Smith reports.

See the images here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

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  1. Not to say that PC Magazine doesn’t have Mac envy, but I think the marketing department uses Mac’s and weren’t given any marketing material so they had to create it themselves. Just a thought =)

  2. @ DLM

    Firefox? I don’t think so… What version of Firefox used white embossed-paneled Back/Forward Arrows, Refresh or Home buttons?

    If you’re suggesting the use of a Firefox plug-in that mimics the very appearance of Safari, in which case any screenshot of Safari could be said to be Firefox. Occam’s razor suggests otherwise.

  3. Marketing/Advertising Department designers are behind that. I do that sort of thing whenever I have a chance. I work in an all-PC company that just recently allowed Macs in the Marketing Department (tricked out 24″ iMacs) and I get a kick out of using an Apple display whenever I need to show a monitor or Camino or Safari when I have to show a screenshot.
    Its being part of the “club”, kinda like a shout out to all the Macs brothas and sistahs, you know?

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