Analyst: Apple’s iPhone has Palm ‘shaking in their sandals’’

“Apple’s iPhone already looks like a smashing success from a financial standpoint,” Scott Moritz reports for “In the past week, with the device’s launch still three months off, a few analysts have already raised their sales estimates.”

Moritz reports, “Even industry skeptics think Apple’s deft design hand, and consumers’ growing allegiance to the iPod brand, will push the company past its target of 10 million iPhones sold over 18 months.”

“‘First, don’t call it a phone,’ says Ovum analyst Roger Entner. ‘The carriers have destroyed the value of the phone. To most people, a phone means it’s free. It’s like calling your car a Yugo.'” Moritz reports.

“One outfit that sits squarely in Apple’s path is Palm. The Treo, an expensive handheld computer phone, had many loyal fans before sleeker smartphones, such as Motorola’s Q and Samsung’s BlackJack, started chipping away at the Palm phone. Now, with the imminent arrival of the iPhone, Palm seems doomed, say analysts. ‘Palm is shaking in their sandals,’ says Ovum’s Entner.”

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  1. Where are all the posters who used to say on this site (repeatedly!) that Apple was foolish not to buy Palm?

    It’s easier to only remember the things you were correct about, I guess.

  2. I don’t recall any sane observer saying that Apple should buy Palm. Apple’s defunct Newton is still better than most Palm offerings. The only reason Apple would buy Palm is out of pure pity for it’s employees and shareholders. It would gain no noticable assets to further it’s own goals in championing an industry that has long been lax in innovation.

  3. This is the same bullshit they preached when the Motorola Q launched. Infact Palm and RIM’s stock dropped by a large percentage on the day Verizon released it only to bounce back once the anal ysts realized that it was no threat to their business base.

    It’s the yearly holiday season iPod-killer speculative crap that you’re all quick to shoot down. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, however, it must be true.

  4. “…Observers say the iPhone offers a direct challenge to RIM’s hot new consumer device, the Pearl. But the BlackBerry business niche may not feel much pressure from Apple. The iPhone’s OS X operating system and lack of basic office software makes it almost a pure consumer device.”

    Are these people total idiots? Why can’t anyone see that the iPhone is a highly capable, sub-tablet computer. The fact that it runs on MacOS X means that it has the potential to run functional circles around any “smart phone.”

    Just because all of these functions haven’t been discussed by Apple doesn’t mean that they are not possible. If there is push email, then there will be apps to handle all common email attachments.

  5. Right, my dumb ass mouth. Comparing what we’ve contributed to the conversation thus far, you’re clearly the superior thinker.

    As long as Palm makes Windows Mobile devices they have a safety net which Apple can’t touch. The only threat the iPhone poses at the moment is to any attempts by Palm to reach the higher end consumer.

  6. Palm quality currently is a disaster.

    Sprint has replaced my Palm Treo 700 p 5 times. Today, less than two weeks later, I have to return it as one of the buttons stopped working, you have to calibrate the screen several times a day, and, the phone jack stopped working.

    Yes, Apple is saving cell phone users from this crap that cell companies…palm subject end users too.


  7. I hate my Treo 650. When it first came out, I had to have it? Why? I had the Treo 600 and surely this would be far better. There has only been one firmware update and the P.O.S. has never been updated again. It reboots when deleting text messages fast; Never connects to the phone network on the first try.

    I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

    I’ll gladly buy the iPhone just to tell Palm to go suck their P.O.S. 680, 700, 750, 800-series phone that are all basically the same.

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