Apple files advanced iPod/iPhone lanyard patent

“On March 8, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s patent application titled Lanyard for handheld electronic device,” Neo reports for MacNN.

“Apple’s patent generally relates to lanyards for handheld electronic devices and more particularly, lanyards that incorporate electronic circuitry. Apple’s next generation of lanyards discussed in the patent go far beyond today’s designs to accommodate their upcoming iPhone and other future iterations of the iPod. In some cases, the lanyard itself will add functionality beyond those of the attached devices, such as adding telephony to any iPod, lighting effects that relate to heart rates for joggers and additional input facilitators such as buttons, touch pads or sliders,” Neo reports.

Neo’s report covers Apple’s key lanyard patent features and functionalities here.


  1. I was wondering whether they’d bring some cool, new way to wear the iPhone. In some areas overseas you’ll find plenty of people wearing their phones lanyard style. Perhaps the iPhone will introduce this concept to America.

  2. The news of an economical means of adding telephony to future ipods via the lanyard is huge news. Future iPods will be able to add a phone widget of say a phone keypad and the telephony, in the lanyard and not the iPod, will work in sync. Cool and smart. This way it’s optional for the consumer to add telephony when they’re ready to.

  3. A lanyard is a weird product description but it’s like the iPod earphone set. A lousy discriptive name yet it’s the funky functionality that matters here. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The lanyard was stolen by Steve Jobs from the same place he stole his iPhone/Tablet technologies.

    Somebody leaked parts of this story on another board (copied below)

    Hey, I’m not a technical person. Can some tell me how to post a pasted article with http links? This is worth looking at.

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