The Age of Apple dawns

“We have all heard about the ‘iPod halo effect’ where iPod owners increasingly are buying Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL) computers. Well, it appears that the iPhone has kicked that effect into high gear. First, Pacific Crest Securities has used NPD data to claim that Apple computer unit sales are up 101% year over year, with revenue up 108%. That is a a lot of Mac and MacBook business goodness that we can relate to; we were responsible for three MacBook and MacBook Pro purchases ourselves in that period. Then, we have data from Net Applications showing that Apple computer market share has risen two points in the last six months to more than 6% world-wide,” Carl Howe (Blackfriars Communications) writes for SeekingAlpha.

MacDailyNews Note: As Howe links to MacDailyNews, we will reiterate: Net Applications’ “Market Share” uses a unique methodology for collecting this data. The company collects data from the browsers of site visitors to their exclusive on demand network of small to medium enterprise live stats customers. The sample size for these sites is more than 40,000 urls. The information published is an aggregate of the data from this network of hosted website statistics. The site unique visitor and referral information is summarized on a monthly basis. The websites in ther population represent dozens of countries in regions including North America, South America, Western Europe, Australia / Pacific Rim and Parts of Asia. Different companies uses different methodologies, so the actual percentage figures (6.38% for Apple Mac) aren’t as meaningful as the trends they show. The important point is that Net Applications’ measurements show that Mac’s share continues to increase – up over 2 percentage points in just the last 181 days (Aug. 31, 2006 to Feb. 28, 2007). Apple’s 6.38% is simply a snapshot of Mac’s share of all computers accessing those websites monitored by Net Applications last month.

Howe continues, “And then we have securities firms like Goldman Sachs predicting that iPod sales, despite their first quarter seasonal dip, are also rising year-over-year and could approach 11 to 12 million units in the first calendar quarter of 2007. And finally, we have a survey done by Morgan Stanley noting that iPhone interest is actually larger than what the market currently anticipates, with 20% of the respondents who had heard about the iPhone and its features being ‘extremely interested in purchasing one.'”

“What does all this data mean? It means that a virtuous marketing cycle is dramatically improving Apple’s already robust business,” Howe writes.

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  1. Got a MacBook for Xmas and a new Airport Extreme. Will get leopard when it’s ready too. Would really like the AppleTV but hesitate on first generation products. Probably wait until May, then get one… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Got 2 iPods nano for Christmas, 1 each for my twin daughters. One of those just bought herself a black Macbook for school and for chatting with friends. My “year 2001” G4 500 MP is still going strong (after many upgrades)…

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