Soldiers at Walter Reed Building 18 moved, get Apple Macs

“The soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Building 18 moved to Building 14 Sunday, a soldier in the Medical Hold Unit told Military Times,” Kelly Kennedy reports for Marine Corps Times.

“At the recently remodeled building, there wasn’t a rodent to be seen. But there were plenty of mice — the kind attached to computers,” Kennedy reports.

Kennedy reports, “At their new digs, the [wounded] soldiers found new Apple [Mac] computers, Internet access and a 32-inch HDTV.”

Full article here.


  1. Yes, M@c! It makes me sick to see our government and military use those junky PCs knowing how wide open they are, how much trouble they are to maintain too. Talk about throwing good money after bad….
    And on top of that just about everybody on the planet is in our government’s and military’s networks every second of every day!
    Biggest offenders: Russia, China, and North Korea.

  2. The Macs, internet access, and the HDTV mentioned in the article is not for workers at the hospital, it’s for the soldiers there who are patients. Have you been not keeping current with the news?

  3. Linux Guy–

    Glad to hear your son is back safe and sound. Let him know that people he’ll likely never meet would like to thank him for his service. That applies equally to you, Army Bean.

    Think what you will about the war, but the troops who make such sacrifices as the kids in Walter Reed deserve much more than just Macs and HDTV’s. They need to know the rest of recognize and appreciate what they’ve done.

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