Findley Designs releases iPod Access 4.0

Findley Designs, Inc. announces the immediate availability of iPod Access v4.0 for Mac OS X. This major upgrade is available to new users for $19.99, to previous users for only $5.95 and free to users who purchased in 2007.

New Features include:
• Clone multiple playlists.
• Select multiple artists and albums.
• New Instant Search.
• Force Manual Update mode.
• Display songs not in iTunes.
• Date Added, Date Modified, Last played and Play Count fields added.
• Export song list as tab delimited file.
• Enhanced iTunes integration.

iPod Access is an iPod music and video transfer application for the Mac. The app transfers music from your iPod to your Mac. With iPod Access you have instant access to all the songs on your iPod. Your songs can be be displayed and sorted in almost any fashion so you can find the songs you need right when you need them. With the new instant search feature in v4 you can find songs just as quickly as you would in iTunes. And once you have found the songs, movies and playlists that you want, iPod Access will copy them right back into iTunes or to an external drive for backup.

Features Include:
• Universal Application (Support for Intel and PPC Macs)
• Tiger (OS X 10.4) Support
• Force iPod Manual Update Mode
• Add songs, videos and podcasts directly to the iTunes Library
• Export song listing
• Automatic file renaming
• Support for non-Roman characters (including Japanese)
• Easy to use interface
• Instant listing of all iPod songs
• Playlist Cloning into iTunes
• Support for iTunes Ratings, Play Count, Last Played date
• Play music and video files directly from the iPod
• Transfer ID3 tags for WAV, Video and iFM files.
• AAC file support (including iTunes Music store songs)
• support
• Song Navigation by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
• Copy songs organized by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
• Single button sequential backups
• Attempts to recover songs from iPods with a damaged database.
• Support for PC formatted Hard drives
• Support for Multiple iPods

More info and download link here.


  1. I second the vote for Senuti also. It has saved me a couple of times in the past when I wanted to put some songs from my iPod onto another computer I use (say, at work for example).

    Apple has gone some way to help recently, with the ability to “transfer purchased songs” in iTunes 7; but Senuti and presumably this iPod Access too can get any songs and allow the user to choose which songs are moved.

    That said, I hope people do not abuse the ability to move stuff in this direction causing Apple to clamp down on the activity.

  2. I use iPodDisk (at least I think that’s what it’s called, it’s been awhile since I’ve used it). It just mounts your iPod as a Network Disk, with all your playlists as directories on that disk. It’s simple to use and free. Why would I pay money to do the same thing?

  3. When my hard drive failed I just plugged my iPod into the computer and mounted it as a disk, viewed hidden files and copied all my music from the iPod to my new hard drive. It took a few hours but worked just dandy… and no extra software needed. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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