RUMOR: Apple prepping multi-touch sensitive displays

“Touch sensitive Apple Displays?! That explains everything,” Steven Berlin Johnson blogs.

Johnson writes, “Think about the common denominator behind:”

• The missing killer features in the Leopard preview
• The lack of iLife updates in Jan 07
• The rollout of the iPhone multitouch interface
• The abnormally long delay in releasing new Apple displays
• A rumor about a ProTools killer that relies on touch displays

Johnson writes, “I look at all those developments, and say with absolute scientific precision: Apple is going to roll out the multitouch interface across almost its entire product line this spring, integrated into Leopard, new displays, iPhone, iLife, and the successor to Logic.”

Full article here.
If so, hang on tight to that paradigm, Apple’s about to shift it again.

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  1. Multi-touch sucks. MS already tried it and we PC users didn’t want it for our REAL computers.

    Come on Mac-tards, try doing something NEW for a change instead of taking the ideas everyone else has already done– mice, graphic GUIs, mp3 players, phones, touch screens. . . you guys are pathetic.

  2. I don’t like anyone to touch my screen. EVER!.

    While I think they might offer some touch screens, I’d be surprised if it spanned their whole line. I imagine this technologoy will drive up costs…and their monitors are already a tad pricey. ILike I said…probably 1 or 2 as touch screen – large sizes I’m sure….but not all.

  3. I just figured out why you Mac-Tools are so excited about your touchscreen rumor: Gives you all more opportunity to “touch” things, since your all so good at “touching” stuff. Like yourselves.

    Everything except, you know, real women.

  4. how do you imagine these touch screens would sit on your desktop? wouldn’t it be uncomfortable as f*ck to have your arms raised in front of your face, making movements on a screen 2-3 feet in front of your face?

    i’m all for touchscreens, i cannot wait for them, but i think someone (Apple, of course!) needs to figure out how we will physically interact with it. Something tablet-like that we can put on our laps could be the answer. maybe it will be wirelsss, i don’t know. i’m just saying that putting a touch screen on our ‘traditional’ computer desks 3 feet in front of us might not make for a very good experience.

    but of course i hope they come out soon.

  5. I don’t think that an all-touch-screen OS interface is the answer for the perfect user interface. Rather than an inflexible and entrenched single user interface, I want an interface with maximum flexibility. I think that an OS that can seamlessly shift from touch screen to keyboard to mouse will give the user the greatest versatility and usefulness.

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