Latest Mac OS X Leopard build shows OS still a work-in-progress

“A new build of Apple’s Leopard operating system released to developers this week introduces a handful of fresh features, but also carries with it a significant laundry list of impending issues that will need to be ironed out before any such public release is considered,” Katie Marsal and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider.

Marsal and Jade report, “Reports that Leopard could be tracking for a release in just a matter of weeks seem far fetched, according to people familiar with the latest seed, who say the next-generation Mac system software remains very much a work-in-progress.”

“Those familiar with the software point to an extensive and somewhat swelling list of problems with the software, several of which are critical in nature,” Marsal and Jade report. “With a significant list of known issues and a ‘top secret’ bag of tricks still under wraps and broadly untested, it would seem incredibly unlikely the Cupertino-based company will be ready to push its latest cat out the door any time soon.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shinobi” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’ve beta tested Jaquar, Panther and Tiger, all on new machines.

    Panther had the most security issues.

    I’ll wait a bit until the Octo core machines are tried and true with Lepoard before dropping my cash.

    Seems July will be the time to buy Apple hardware again. (iPhone)

  2. Release no OS until its time. I’ll wait for them to get it right. June is just fine with me. Apple needs this to be a really solid finished product so it shines bright in the media – comparisons to Vista will be all that much better.

    Maybe someone at MS had this in mind for Vista too, but even after 5 years the only way they could get “done” was to jettison major features along the way.

  3. My sources say that they’re still tracking a lot of bugs, I think the rumors of late March are getting chuckles in Cupertino. The important thing is that it’s as perfect as possible. The better it is, the worse Vista will look.


  4. Yeah, this release is a trump card to Vista, nothing less. If Apple screws up this iteration, it will mean a lost oppotunity, one which may never happen again. Leopard has to be stable and revolutionary. It must lap Vista. That said, one can surely understand the snails pace of development. If Apple releases it buggy, then pundits will jump all over it. Apple can’t affort that from a marketing perspective. It must be a slam dunk. I guess I’ll have to endure the painful wait. What other choice do I have? This is going to hurt!

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