Meizu’s iPhone knockoff to cost less than Apple iPhone

“Meizu’s miniOne will borrow even more directly from Apple’s iPhone interface than expected, even as the company trims its pricing. The handset is to feature a contact list and text messaging virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone, including elements such as the side column of letters for faster navigation,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “The company claims it has established pricing well below the iPhone: a standard edition with a camera and 4GB of storage will cost as little as $310, with an 8GB variant costing $400… A basic version of the MiniOne without the camera will retail for even less — $195 and $285 for 4GB and 8GB, respectively.”

Full article, with more and larger images, here.


  1. Face it Mac-Losers, you can’t think fast enough. All your toy phones and silly candy icons can be copied within weeks in the global economy.

    Microsoft is th only company capable of playing on a global field.

    Stick to your overpriced mp3 players.

  2. That was quick! Maybe Microsoft will send a team of “experts” to study how to reduce development time from decades to weeks.

    Silly troll, copying Apple only emphasizes that Apple is the clear leader in consumer technology. Too bad for you that mimicking Apple seems to lead to inferior products with only a superficial likeness to Apple.

  3. These knock-offs remind me of the old ’70’s kit cars. You know, the ones with the real swoopy bodies that looked gran prix race cars, but the still had a Volkswagen engine in the back. Always driven by wanna-be losers.

  4. This surge of windows-trolls lately feels a lot like MDN has been infected with a virus.

    Dear Windows Trolls,

    Please keep your viruses and desperate comments to yourself. I liken your presence to the Plague. Let’s face it…your OS sucks. Your big ‘ol company is slowly being eaten away, and your computers are ugly.

    Go back. Go back to your windows blog site. Either that, or just face the plain facts: our Apple Community feels sorry for you. We don’t THINK we are better, we just KNOW that we are and are content smiling in the background, while you all struggle to adapt.

    Your Friend, M@c

  5. In the ’70s Chrysler ran a marketing campaign comparing one of their mid-sized sedans to a Mercedes 250. They referenced a few features common to both, then boasted their offering was $2,000 less! No one in their right mind believed that Dodge or Plymouth was equivalent to the Benz, and no one in their right mind should believe that Meizu’s cheap knockoff, despite the rounded corners and home key is equivalent to the iPhone. We saw cheap knockoffs of the original iMac (running Windows, of course), and knockoffs of the iPod. Expect to see more of this crap.

    People used to joke that Microsoft’s R&D lab was located in Cupertino. The rest of this sorry industry, lacking in vision and imagination and too lazy to do the hard work themselves, will continue to copy the truly revolutionary products of our day until they’re called to account.

  6. the screen? It obviously has a touch screen, but I suspect several of the features that make this interaction appealing are not present.

    What about integration with a computer? Apple’s products have great hardware, but they also understand that ease of use and integration
    are critical to consumers. I suspect the software that will support this phone is going to be ass.

  7. Mac-alufugus shut up! If you don’t like Apple so much then why in the world are you posting on a Mac rumor site? Apple does not copy but it does make things similar to what has already come out but they usually improve other companies mistakes and make it easier for consumers to use. Im sorry your mad the Microsoft can’t seem to do anything right these days! O and yes I own a PC many of them but not more than Mac’s lol

  8. Laughing Out Loud…..

    I would be embarrassed to release such a clone….

    No wonder 90% of the world uses Windoze!….so many copycats…..

    Since it does not take much brains to copy, I guess they don’t realize..that it will take much more than a look a like phone to share in the success of the iPhone.

    I can’t believe they are not smart enough to realize that the iPhone is not just about being a phone or a music player, or an internet device…

    Apple has the right idea about integrating services on an advanced platform to grow from…none of the copy cats can provide the integrated experience that Apple can with OS X as the base and the Apple Applications….

    Together, they are worth much more than the sum of its parts…

    look at all the copy cat iPod players still eating dust a 1000 miles behind the trail of the iPod.

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