Apple’s 10 million iPhone sales target by end of 2008 would surpass most other smart phone sales

“Apple isn’t concerned that sticker shock will take a bite out of the 10 million iPhones the company expects to sell in the device’s first year,” Janet Whitman reports for The New York Post.

Whitman reports, “The sleek new portable gadget – which lets users tap on a touch screen to download music, watch TV, talk on the phone, check voicemail, take digital pictures, surf the Web and get e-mail – goes on sale in June at a starting price of $499. A pricier model will be available for $599. ‘Today a lot of people pay zero for their cellphone,’ Apple operating chief Tim Cook told investors at a Goldman Sachs conference in Las Vegas earlier this week. ‘Guess why? That’s what [they’re] worth.'”

“Apple’s plan to sell 10 million iPhones next year represents a 1 percent piece of overall mobile phone sales, a target announced by CEO Steve Jobs when he unveiled the gadget in January at the annual MacWorld confab,” Whitman reports. “The sales would bring in at least a whopping $4.99 billion in revenue for Apple, and would surpass sales of most other smart phones.”

Full article here.
There’s not much new in this article, it does have a nice little graphic about phone sales, but it is in the NY Post, so you can see what they’re reading about Apple’s iPhone on the subway today.

We would like to see Apple execs limit the hubris in public, however. Quiet confidence, as exemplified by the “new Apple” after Steve Jobs’ return, will play better than outright disparagement of inferior products from competitors. That sort of stuff was a real turnoff for the general public back in the day. Leave the smugness to us and others like us.

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  1. The other fact people (read: analysts and columnists) keep neglecting to mention is that no one gets a smart phone for free or $50. You want a smart phone, you pay for it, and you only get a cheaper price on a smart phone with a 2 year commitment, and that’s a phone that’s been out for awhile. The newer smart phones still cost $250-$500.

  2. What does that mean, “because that’s what they are worth.” When you lose a phone, you need to purchase one, and these same phones are more than $150.

    Smartphones are cheap because they are subsidized. Where’s Apple’s discount for taking on a 2 year agreement?

    Here’s a new Treo 680 for $75:

    Last month that same deal was cheaper, at $50. Cingular offers some serious subsidies, so who gets that with the iPhone? Free data plan??

  3. There is another analysis out there that says that, with the 2 year subscription plan, the total cost is $3000.

    They neglect to mention that, with a Treo and a 2 year plan, the total cost is $2700.

    Total FUD.

  4. The Post headline is misleading. It’s a bit of editorializing to take Apple’s 10-million-unit sales target and call it a “boast”. “Big Talk”? I’m just not seeing the arrogance from Apple that would help the headline align with the article. I’m sure the NYP didn’t call North Creative CEO Kim Jong-Il’s $100 million war declaration a “boast”. Nor did they consider Balls-mer’s 1-Million Zune March by the end of the Universe to be “big talk”. Unless Tim Cook was lighting cigars with $100,000 bills stuck in a showgirl’s cleavage, I’m not sure what the hell they’re talking about.

  5. I paid $250 for my RAZR and its a frustrating POS, it won’t connect to my iMac by USB and I can’t get it to connect with Bluetooth either. The picture quality is crap! Text messaging is unwieldy so I avoid that as well. The stupid Browser button is too easy to hit accidentally, and then I get roaming charges… I am not happy.

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