Good question: Where’s the iPod GPS receiver?

“There’s currently a lot of hype surrounding Apple’s iPhone (I can call it that now, right?) but the device that I’d really like to see coming out of Cupertino is not a iPod/cellphone hybrid, it’s an iPod/GPS receiver hybrid,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes blogs for ZDNet.

“I’m convinced Apple could do a better job of making a usable GPS receiver than any of the big names currently doThe GPS receiver market is enormous and growing rapidly and it’s a market I am surprised that Apple hasn’t ventured into,” Kingsley-Hughes writes.

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “I’d really love to see what Apple would come up with in terms of a design and interface. The more I use my iPod nano the more I feel that Apple have nailed what the interface should be – it’s so easy to use that I just don’t need to look at it any more. That’s exactly what I’d like to see on a GPS receiver – an interface that didn’t require me to have to give it 100% attention whenever I needed to do anything.”

Full article — complete with a yes/no poll asking “iPod/GPS receiver hybrid – Interested?” — here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. what about the iPod/barcode scanner??? we need one of those.
    and the iPod/RAID for my massive music collection? why hasn’t Apple made this yet???
    what about an iPod/travel iron for us business people on the go? what’s wrong with you, Apple? don’t you see there’s a HUGE MARKET for this???


  2. @dave

    I wouldn’t expect too much in user friendliness fron Nokia. I’ve always used Nokia because they are the best of the bunch and currently use the N93. It is just CR*P (on my third one due to its crappy software). Can’t wait to get my hands on the iPhone. That will be the end of many years of putting up with Nokia’s very buggy software.

    I would advise anyone not to rush out and buy the N95.

  3. the day i buy the i phone is the day it’s got gps… im waiting on this one… i d’ont really need 5 migapixel camera but the gps in the cellphone is the killer app. Every opperator will have within the nex 1-2 years…
    i’m waiting apple!
    it’s for the i-phone 2.0

  4. Aren’t there new regulations that all cellphones in the US must have built in GPS for 911 calls by 2008?

    New editions coming soon baby!!

    MW: VALUE as in, I’ll wait for the second generation to maximize my VALUE.

  5. Now if we take the Nike + iPod Sport Kit technology, and adapt it to work with GPS instead of a shoe sensore, the iPod would know where you are, where you have been, where you are going, how fast you are going and so on…

    This would be far more powerful than a sensor in the bottom of a shoe

  6. GPS is likely waiting until 3G is more available in the U.S. This is probably because people will have to constantly be accessing their Google Maps while the GPS signal is received, and the 2.5G EDGE network simply won’t be able to handle that kind of traffic. It’s coming; look for it in version 2 of the iPhone.

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