Massive differences: Apple at Macworld Expo vs Microsoft at CES

“Each January, Bill Gates addresses the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, outlining Microsoft’s plans for new products. Around the same time, Steve Jobs addresses Mac users at the San Francisco Macworld Expo,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“The difference between the two speakers and what they present in their keynote presentations is further apart than the 570 miles that separate the two cities,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “Even Microsoft’s official cheerleader Paul Thurrott says ‘[Gates’] keynote addresses are typically boring, droning affairs, though they always draw a standing-room crowd.’ In contrast, the media not only compares Jobs’ Apple events to rock concerts ad naseum, but Jobs frequently presents major artists in concert on stage.”

“Many Macworld Keynote attendees actually leave after Jobs stops talking and the free concert begins! Jobs isn’t just a better speaker; the real difference is that what he presents actually matters,” Eran writes.

“Since 2000, Jobs has presented a steady stream of new products that have resulted in billions of dollars in profits; Gates announcements have nearly all ended up as either vaporware or major money losers,” Eran writes. “To clarify just how embarrassing Microsoft’s efforts to create consumer products have been, here’s a comparison of recent Microsoft announcements at CES next to Apple product releases at the January Macworld Expo.”

Full article here.

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  1. Jim and Ron

    To many of us, especially in this forum, this may be “old news”, however to those
    who have only found this Mac MDN haven (heaven?) recently, Roughly-Drafted may
    give insight that they otherwise may not have found.

    I personally enjoy Dan’s writing, perhaps because of his derision of MS. He has a great
    grasp of the history of the information age (at least in the last 25 years) and writes
    in a clear and concise style IMHO.


  2. Steady on John, it was a JOKE.

    I should give credit where credit is due. I heard Ricky Gervais saying it to Karl Pilkington on a Podcast.

    Lighten up John!

    MW: very. John is in a very dark place…

  3. People who comment on others comments: Please stick to bringing new comments to an article not commenting on other peoples comments. See isn’t this stupid… I’m doing exactly what you are wasting your life doing.

    Love MDN. Say something about the article.

    ANYWAY, It’s ironic that Microsoft needs cheerleaders, because nobody else is cheering.

  4. RDM gets a little off-the-wall sometimes, especially when he is writing about somebody he dislikes, Endrle, Thurrott and Cringly among others.

    Otherwise, pretty straight stuff. It’s no wonder that some people don’t like Daniel when he says that the Emperor has no clothes.

    – gws

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