Users complain: Puretracks music still locked

“People trying to buy songs from Puretracks Inc.’s online music store after the company announced it is offering MP3 files without anti-copying measures complained Thursday that the files wouldn’t play on some computers,” CBC News reports.

“CBC and other media outlets on Wednesday reported Puretracks’ announcement that it would immediately offer an initial catalogue of 50,000 songs in the MP3 file format devoid of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions,” CBC News reports.

“‘It appears that all the tracks at this music store are toxic Windows DRM crippleware. Stay away — far away,’ Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow wrote in a post to the blog Thursday after being alerted to the problem by readers,” CBC News reports. “Users of computers made by Apple Inc. were directed to a page on Puretracks’ website that read, in part: ‘Our current music store uses Windows Media technology to play our music files. Unfortunately that means our songs are incompatible with your operating system. Furthermore, Apple’s iTunes FairPlay system is currently not available to us for use with iPods.'” (See:

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The PureTracks Encoding Dude: Eh, whaddya mean DRM-free MP3? You sent the press release out already?! You tarlas are brutal. Brutal! None of you PR hosers said a thing about this to me, eh? I’ll have 50,000 of ’em done by end of next month. And, for that, ya goofs are gonna owe me at least a couple Molson two-fours, eh?

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  1. Eric Willard is a moron.
    Bill Gates is a moron.
    Windows Vista is crap.
    Puretracks is garbage, and so are the people behind it.

    MP3’s do not have any DRM and are not based on Windows Media at all. For them to deny Mac users due to using WMA files means their entire promotion is fraudulent.

    Here’s hoping they go out of business quickly!

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