Analysts: Apple tops Cisco in iPhone agreement

“Apple and Cisco Systems ended their feud over the iPhone name late Wednesday – and Apple appears to have won, tech analysts said,” Michelle Kessler reports for USA Today.

Kessler reports, “The two Silicon Valley tech giants said they agreed to share rights to the name and end their legal battle over it.”

Kessler reports, “Since the full deal was not made public, it’s hard to say for sure which company came out on top, says tech analyst Roger Kay with Endpoint Technologies Associates. But it sure looks like a ‘face-saving’ agreement for Cisco, he says. ‘It looks like Cisco caved,’ says independent tech analyst Rob Enderle. The pledge of interoperability talks ‘looks like the typical promise that (Apple CEO) Steve Jobs has no intention of keeping,’ he says.”

MacDailyNews Note: Independent tech analyst Rob Enderle? When will people and publications stop asking him what he thinks? Isn’t his horrible, mistake-laden track record more than enough by now? It seems that to be a “tech analyst,” you can say anything and — as long as you keep breathing — you get to keep making up stuff no matter what. To people in-the-know, the name “Enderle” is a red flag that shows the writer/reporter of the article isn’t in-the-know.

Kessler continues, “now it appears that Apple will get the name without fully meeting Cisco’s demands, Kay says. ‘It looks like Cisco got shafted,’ he says. ‘Maybe there’s something in the (undisclosed) terms, but I don’t see how they’re getting the good end of the deal.'”

Full article here.

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  1. MacDailyNews Note: When will people and publications stop asking him what he thinks? Isn’t his horrible, mistake-laden track record more than enough by now?

    LOL! When will MDN stop giving the guy free publicity? I never heard of him before reading about him over and over and over here at MDN!

  2. He said the deal was not made public! Then you read phrases like

    -it’s hard to say

    ‘-Maybe there’s something

    -I don’t see how

    Sheesh journalism at its biased worst. Does it surprise anyone that Enderle is in the middle of this? This crap is more useless than a Zune (Before you start, yes I know its bad english…..)

  3. What’s this about “interoperability”? If they are talking about phones, well … don’t phones interoperate with each other already? Isn’t that part of “the deal”? It would be SO amusing if, instead, this turned out to mean Cisco is partly licensed to sell OSX-equipped gear. Not Dell, H-P or Gateway, Cisco. A company with no thoughts of consumer PCs other than as end-products for the lines running through their boxes. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

  4. They keep asking him because he gives them what they want; a sensational headline that will catch attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The reporter isn’t the one saying it. They’re just reporting it.

    People foolish enough to believe everything that’s spoon fed to them in the information age, where the world’s knowledge is at your fingertips, deserve what they get.

  5. I read the PR release on Apple’s site. Did Enderle?

    Obviously not. Either that or he simply can’t read. The release simply states they will “explore opportunities.” Which means they will talk about it. It doesn’t mean Apple will actaully do anything about it, or that they have to.

    There is no pledge of interoperability.

  6. Apple’s 2nd greatest core copentency behind consumer electronics is its legal prowess. I pitty da fool who goes up against them.

    Perhaps the bloggers technically won a battle in court, but you can bet that Apple won the war by making anyone think long and hard before making an unauthorized disclosure. That’s good for Apple and us consumers.

    Having said that, the day that Apple uses this power the way M$ has is the day I turn my back on them, no matter how good their products are.

  7. And what’s with this Kay character saying Cisco got shafted?

    If Cisco was in the right, shouldn’t they have continued on with their suit against Apple?

    IMHO, when everything was considered, Cisco (or their lawyers) realized they probably weren’t going to win (or at best, were going to end up just where they are now, anyway), so they decided not to waste anymore money in legal fees.

  8. Perhaps now Cisco will drop the crappy must have IE and run xp requirement for the web interface on their gear. Not that you can’t just use zterm and configure their gear with a mac via the cli, I do it all the time, but fixing the web interface to be platform independant would be a nice interoperability play there Cisco….

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