Life Fitness to deliver seamless Apple iPod integration with exercise equipment

Life Fitness has announced that it would deliver commercial exercise equipment to feature seamless iPod integration. This connectivity makes it possible for iPod users to plug in and charge their iPods, watch video on the equipment’s large LCD screen and control the playing of their iPod music libraries from the console. The first Life Fitness product featuring iPod integration will be demonstrated at the upcoming IHRSA Convention in San Francisco and will be available in March with the rest of the line to follow later in the year.

“We are excited to introduce products that take the integrated entertainment experience to the next level,” said John Stransky, president of Life Fitness, in the press release. “In the last decade Life Fitness has led the revolution in merging entertainment with exercise equipment, so it’s only fitting for us to offer integration with the iPod, which many of our customers use while they exercise.”

“We’re delighted that Life Fitness offers seamless iPod integration to their customers,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, in the press release. “We think iPod owners are going to enjoy this innovative way to use their iPods while working out.”

The iPod-integration will allow exercisers to sync their iPods with the equipment’s LCD screen to conveniently view their playlists and enjoy video content while working out. The connection also powers and charges the iPod. Users can plug headphones directly into the equipment console or their iPod for audio while safely storing the music player in the iPod holding tray.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Teflon” for the heads up.]


  1. Nothing on the site indicates that this is true. Can someone please post a direct link where a LifeFitness employee states that iPod integration is coming and when to expect the products to come to market? Will this be commercial only, or consumer also?

  2. Dang, there goes one more excuse for avoiding the gym (“I can’t go — I need to charge my iPod…”).


    Wonder if the charging units will work for the iPhone too — maybe disallow phone calls but folks can still charge the iPhone/use the iPod features…

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