Gates: ‘Windows Vista’s had incredible reception’

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the reception for the company’s Windows Vista operating system has been ‘incredible,'” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Gates spoke when asked to clarify last week’s comments by Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer that analysts’ forecasts for fiscal 2008 revenue for Vista were ‘overly aggressive.'”

Asked by Reuters if there was anything that would make Microsoft cautious about the outlook for Vista, Gates replied: “I don’t know what you mean. Vista’s had an incredible reception. The reviews have been fantastic. This is a big, big advance in the Windows platform. It’s the world’s most used piece of software…Overall, the reliability feedback has been well better than we expected,'” Reuters reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Bill Gates is nuts, a liar, a joke, thinks it’s 1995, about to check into a darkened Vegas hotel room and grow his fingernails to absurd lengths, and/or using these definitions:

1 I find his story incredible UNBELIEVABLE, beyond belief, hard to believe, unconvincing, far-fetched, implausible, improbable, highly unlikely, dubious, doubtful; inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable, impossible; informal hard to swallow, cock-and-bull.

3 fantastic manifestation STRANGE, weird, bizarre, peculiar, grotesque, deformed, misshapen, misproportioned, distorted, twisted, gnarled, mangled, mutilated; ugly, unsightly, monstrous, hideous, freakish; seeming more appropriate to a fairy tale than to reality or practical use.

For the record, Windows Vista’s “incredible” reception and “fantastic” reviews include:

The Register reviews Microsoft’s Windows Vista: ‘Don’t buy it’ – February 20, 2007
Forbes: ‘Windows Vista utterly unimaginative, internally discordant and woefully out of tune’ – February 09, 2007
Digit: Don’t buy Vista; Microsoft may be driving millions to stick with XP or move to Apple Mac – February 05, 2007
TIME Magazine: Microsoft’s Windows Vista ‘an embarassment to the good name of American innovation’ – February 02, 2007
Microsoft’s Windows Vista: Five years for a chrome-plated turd – January 30, 2007
Digit: ‘Microsoft’s Windows Vista may be the best reason yet to buy an Apple Mac’ – January 29, 2007
Pioneer Press: Windows Vista shows ‘Apple is an innovation engine; Microsoft, not so much’ – January 29, 2007
Windows Vista disappoints, so get a Mac – January 29, 2007
CNET Reviews Windows Vista: Is that all? Clunky and not very intuitive vs. Mac OS X; warmed-over XP – January 24, 2007
Mossberg: Microsoft’s Windows Vista offers lesser imitations of Apple’s Mac OS X features – January 18, 2007
Windows Vista disappointment drives longtime ‘Microsoft apologist’ to Apple’s Mac OS X – January 17, 2007
InformationWeek Review: Apple’s Mac OS X shines in comparison with Microsoft’s Windows Vista – January 06, 2007
NY Times’ Pogue reviews Microsoft’s Windows Vista: ‘Looks, Locks, Lacks’ – December 14, 2006
Dave Winer: ‘Microsoft isn’t an innovator, and never was – they are always playing catch-up’ – December 01, 2006
Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard is 64-bit done right, unlike Microsoft’s Windows Vista kludge – August 14, 2006
Microsoft Windows Vista: If you can’t innovate… try to impersonate Apple’s Mac OS X – August 10, 2006
Analyst: Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard sets new bar, leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust – August 08, 2006
Microsoft botches another copy job: Windows Vista Flip3D vs. Apple Mac OS X Exposé – June 26, 2006
Windows Vista rips-off Mac OS X at great hardware cost (and Apple gains in the end) – June 13, 2006
Computerworld: Microsoft Windows Vista a distant second-best to Apple Mac OS X – June 02, 2006

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  1. “Incredible” goes both ways, Bill.
    I too had an incredible reception….to the gastro virus. It was met with explosive diarrhea and emesis. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”sick” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Can’t these interviewers call him on his lies? When he says that the reception has been incredible can’t they at least say “Really? Because Time magazine (or insert whichever review) says it’s terrible”

    I can’t believe this guy is getting away with so many bold face lies…even after his own CEO says that sales forecasts were “aggressive” and the slow sales are due to pirates.

  3. “It’s the world’s most used piece of software…”

    Um, so if an, ahem, working girl, shall we say, is the most used working girl, does that make her the BEST?! No, but it does most likely make her the most virus-riddled…kinda like Windows!!

  4. We need a pinch of salt….

    Gates saying Vista has had an incredible reception is like Bush saying we’re winning the war in Iraq. Both hyperbole and like the latter the former will eventually have to admit he’s wrong.

    MW “language”

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