Teen wanted Apple Mac for Christmas, got Dell coal instead, ends up tossing balky PC out window

“A teen who wanted an Apple Macintosh computer (Mac) for Christmas after seeing one of the ubiquitous apple ads on the apple website, but instead got to inherit his father’s older Windows PC, finally got mad early Saturday morning and threw out the inherited Dell PC out of the window in a bizarre case of life imitating ‘the internet world,'” hipFOX reports.

hipFOX reports, “The 16 year old boy, Dam Enkhbayar, threw out the computer after it froze while he was downloading video files online. The boy said, ‘If this had been a Macintosh, I would never have had this problem.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: We only advise throwing Dells and other Windows PCs out of windows in cases where you are 100% sure that nobody will be hurt (as always, send your videos to ). As Dam Enkhbayar is from Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, where the population nearly 1 million, the old “out the window with that Dell” might not have been the greatest idea. That said, we are intimately familiar with how Windows frustration can drive people at least temporarily insane. We recommend that Windows sufferers first count to ten and then make use of the Apple Recycling Program: Apple will take any old PC (or Mac) and recycle it for free when you buy a new Mac – no matter where you live. More info here.


  1. Here’s another secret for you. He didn’t say the application froze, the entire PC froze. Now, applications do freeze on Mac, true, sometimes it happened to me as well. But the entire Mac freezing? Just Force Quit the application and get over with it.

    Windows (the entire OS) freezes, witnessed many times, even running it on Parallels and the only way out is to reboot the crap. On Mac OS X? I never have to reboot the Mac unless for updates requiring it.

    So, read the story more slowly next time: it would not have happened with a Mac OS X platform. The boy was right when he said ‘If this had been a Macintosh, I would never have had this problem.’. He would have simply Force Quit the application (maybe Safari) and resumed the download from where it left. No biggie, no tantrum, no PC flying through the window.

  2. PCs should be considered child abuse.

    I let my five year old use a PC one day for some PC only game. You should have seen the look of frustration on his face everytime that piece of crap crashed. He would start banging on the mouse and almost start crying; the look he gave me made me feel guilty. We don’t play PC games any more and he doesn’t ask too either.

  3. I think a psychological study should be done, exploring some research essay questions for PC users:

    -Why does working with PC’s makes you want to throw things? (ie. Chairs, computers, etc.

    -How has Mr. Ballmer’s chair tossing influenced you, as a PC user?

    -PC users, please tell us what have you, personally, thrown so far?

    -How do you feel after throwing the object?

    -Did throwing the object solve your problem?
    (ex: Mr. Ballmer’s might answer: “Though it vented my rage, throwing the chair did not stop my employee from defecting to Google, nor solve my “rats leaving a sinking ship” problem.)

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