Microsoft caught off-guard, beaten badly by Apple’s iPhone innovations

“Just days prior to Apple’s iPhone unveiling this past January, Microsoft filed a new patent titled Transforming Media Device which describes a communications device which could be transformed into at least three different shapes with each representing a different feature set by physically modifying the device. The three possible shapes, the document reveals, include that of a phone, media player and a camera. This report briefly reviews this new patent along with two other related patents which clearly demonstrate just how off guard Microsoft really was – the day that Apple unveiled their revolutionary iPhone,” neo reports for MacNN.

“The bottom line is that prior to and shortly after Steve Jobs’ unveiling of Apple’s stunning iPhone, Microsoft had shown their cellphone hand through a series of current patents covering a tri-forming mechanically driven media device, a Data Buddy system/device and a thin smartphone. Microsoft’s detailed patents clearly go to demonstrate just how off-guard Microsoft was the day that Apple unveiled their iPhone’s many innovations and just how off-target Microsoft really was in respect to understanding what device innovation even means,” neo reports.

neo reports, “All that you have to do is compare Apple’s easy to use morphing capabilities of the iPhone which quickly allows the user to transition the iPhone UI into that of an iPod/music player, media web browser, calculator, camera and so on with a simple touch of a virtual button to that of Microsoft’s cumbersome Transforming Media Device which forces the user to physically transform the device manually. In contrast to the iPhone, Microsoft’s Transforming Media Device is mere Buffoonery.”

Full article here.

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  1. this is not the real patent,M$ is only 2% MS with Z but that is going to do nothing,because apple is always far away from,when M$ tries to be 5 years aheaed apple has already 20 or more,oh and updating vista via net is one more trouble and M$ is imitating linuxs upgrading sys via net thing that only makes then the most copycat company in the world,apple wrote this opinion to the lawyers because you can be more than this products:
    GO APPLE!!!!

  2. Amazing the success of iPhone. The thing is months away from getting into the hands of any user.

    It may or may not connect telephone calls very well and it may or may not change the world.

    In the meantime, every other technology company, not just MSoft, has been declared beaten and headed to federal bankruptcy court.

    Wow, just wow.

  3. What you guys are missing is the REAL deal: Microsoft PlayReady.

    A DRM tool that will be deployed by all content providers (video, audio, gaming, etc..) to control consumer access, 100% owned by Microsoft.

    Microsoft is going to lose the OS monopoly eventually, and now it needs to establish roots deeply embedded in every person’s bankbook.

    The dark age is coming.

    Mordor rises with the Eye of Sauron.

    They will crush Apple and all Macs forever, unless one unassuming hobbit can save the world: Scott Forestall.

  4. Is that the best you can do Zune?
    This is laughable at best. My grandson has a PowerRanger phone that looks similar to this MS thing look like a bad toy.

    MDN word “science” – It doesn’t take a rocket science student to tell that this thing is DBA (dead before arrival).

  5. I hope they spend billions making it and trying to market it, just like the XBox, Zune, and their many other failures. After that, they’ll just do what they always have fallen back on – stealing from Apple.

  6. Richest company in the world. Figure they could at least hire somebody to draw the damn patent correctly. Notice how in “phone view” the keypad’s in portrait and when it’s in the hand, it’s landscape.

    Wait…maybe the keypad transforms too!

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