Microsoft caught off-guard, beaten badly by Apple’s iPhone innovations

“Just days prior to Apple’s iPhone unveiling this past January, Microsoft filed a new patent titled Transforming Media Device which describes a communications device which could be transformed into at least three different shapes with each representing a different feature set by physically modifying the device. The three possible shapes, the document reveals, include that of a phone, media player and a camera. This report briefly reviews this new patent along with two other related patents which clearly demonstrate just how off guard Microsoft really was – the day that Apple unveiled their revolutionary iPhone,” neo reports for MacNN.

“The bottom line is that prior to and shortly after Steve Jobs’ unveiling of Apple’s stunning iPhone, Microsoft had shown their cellphone hand through a series of current patents covering a tri-forming mechanically driven media device, a Data Buddy system/device and a thin smartphone. Microsoft’s detailed patents clearly go to demonstrate just how off-guard Microsoft was the day that Apple unveiled their iPhone’s many innovations and just how off-target Microsoft really was in respect to understanding what device innovation even means,” neo reports.

neo reports, “All that you have to do is compare Apple’s easy to use morphing capabilities of the iPhone which quickly allows the user to transition the iPhone UI into that of an iPod/music player, media web browser, calculator, camera and so on with a simple touch of a virtual button to that of Microsoft’s cumbersome Transforming Media Device which forces the user to physically transform the device manually. In contrast to the iPhone, Microsoft’s Transforming Media Device is mere Buffoonery.”

Full article here.

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  1. “The three possible shapes, the document reveals, include that of a phone, media player and a camera.”

    They missed one out! It should have been four shapes!!!

    The fourth form-factor it was due to transform into was a flying chair…

    …of course, you needed to throw it…

  2. @ Jim:

    MS was in fact caught off guard by *what* Apple developed. Not by the fact that Apple came out with *something*. But I have a feeling you darn well know that and are pretending to be obtuse so you can deliberately miss the point.

  3. I thought MS was a software company and Apple was a hardware company. What’s with the role reversal…shouldn’t it have been EASIER fro MS to make something like the iPhone?

    Why aren’t MSFT share holders calling for Balmer’s resignation?

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