Apple’s brings back missing ‘Get a Mac’ ads

Apple has restored four ads that had temporarily gone missing from their main “Get a Mac” TV/Internet ads page. On Tuesday, we reported that four of the ads had disappeared from Apple’s site menu: “Sabotage,” “Better Results,” “Gift Exchange,” and “Goodwill.”

The current list of ads that are available from Apple in the order they appear:
1. Security
2. Tech Support
3. Sabotage
4. Surgery
5. Goodwill
6. Gift Exchange
7. Sales Pitch
8. Meant for Work
9. Counselor
10. Better Results
11. Self Pity
12. Accident
13. Angel/Devil
14. Trust Mac
15. Out of the Box
16. Touché
17. Work vs. Home
18. Viruses
19. Restarting
20. Better
21. iLife
22. Network
23. WSJ

Watch Apple’s “Get a Mac” TV ads here:

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  1. I somewhat deplore that some ads could be construed to imply that MacOS is a less interesting proposition for business.
    By overstressing the actractiveness of home vs. business I am afraid Apple is sending the wrong message to business.
    Instead, the public/IT people should be made to realize that the “boring” activities such as doing spreadsheets etc. can be done equally well on Macs, or even better, with less fuss, more securely, etc., because of MacOS’s superior GUI

  2. …from a former PC buyer’s perspective, “Security”, “Viruses” and “Restarting” are the best ads. They drive their points home in a clean, concise, unambiguous and amusing way. “Accident” and “Out of the Box” are pretty good too. “Touché” and “Better” just don’t do it, for me.

  3. I’m such a saddo that I have all of these in iTunes in a single movie file.. in order of hilarity, not timeline though.

    Apple should use the US version in the UK, they are far better and a few wonky AmerEnglish words don’t matter a jot.

    Security IS the funniest.

  4. Like Van Fruniken, I agree that Apple still has to make a stronger mark on the business community/IT guys. They are the gate keepers to business deployment. Having said that, TV spots are not how big business guys make their technology decisions so hopefully Apple is buying up print ad spots in industry magazines and on web sites they go for information.

  5. Did you folks miss the “Self Pity” episode where Justin Long (Mac guy) is in a suit? What he talks about is Macs in business.

    I loved John Hodgman’s (PC’s) ending line there “I just think I’ll lie here and and depreciate.”

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