Washington Post: Apple telling Windows iPod+iTunes users to hold off on Vista upgrade seems ‘shady’

“Some companies seem to be wise to the PR game,” Sam Diaz blogs for The Washington Post.

Diaz writes, “Consider the Apple ‘advisory’ that went out late last week. The company is telling consumers that use its iTunes software that they should hold off on buying a new Windows Vista computer because the iTunes software might not be compatible with Vista computers.”

Tunes 7.0.2 may work with Windows Vista on many typical PCs. Apple recommends, however, that customers wait to upgrade Windows until after the next release of iTunes which will be available in the next few weeks.

Diaz writes, “Might not be compatible? Hold off on the purchase for a few weeks? Riiiight… It sounded suspiciously like a suggestion to hold off and decide to buy a Mac instead.”

Diaz writes, “Apple’s advisory went out a couple of days after Vista’s consumer launch, and just before the weekend. A clever move… By issuing that news on Friday afternoon, people will see it all weekend. It even can make the news on Monday morning. (The WSJ had the advisory in this morning’s paper.)”

“But this ‘advisory’ just seemed shady to me. After all, we’ve known for months (years, really) that Vista was being released. Reviewers have had it in hand for weeks so they could give it the proper thumbs-up or thumbs-down. And developers have had access to the code for some time, as well, so their programs would work on Vista. Of course, it’s never an easy road when the OS is new. There’s bound to be bugs,” Diaz writes. “Yet, it strikes me as too convenient that Apple would issue an advisory for something like this. How about jumping into the lab and fixing whatever ails the Windows Vista version of iTunes?”

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It’s okay, of course, for Microsoft to play hardball whenever, wherever, and however they wish, but when Apple lobs in a softball from time to time, it’s “shady?” Is obliquely affording tens of millions of people a chance to wake up and consider the possibility of a vastly better personal computing solution really such a “shady” thing? If anything, we hope to see Apple exert such influence more frequently, not less. Aim for the head, Apple!

Of course, Apple actually is “jumping into the lab and fixing whatever ails the Windows Vista version of iTunes.” That’s why Apple stated: “Apple is preparing to address a number of iTunes compatibility issues in the next release of the software.” Plus, Apple has already released one such fix, iTunes Repair Tool for Vista, just days after Microsoft inflicted Vista upon their hapless sufferers.

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  1. “How about jumping into the lab and fixing whatever ails the Windows Vista version of iTunes?”

    Right. How about MS jumping into the lab and fixing Office for Mac 2007 in parallel with the Windows release too?

  2. I suppose it’d be far better if they just told people to “upgrade” to Vista then faced a huge volume of complaints when people had problems running iTunes. Now in a perfect world iTunes would work with Vista or they would have released an updated version for the launch (in a perfect world we’d be using Macs but anyway), but its not exactly only Apple who will have issues like this with Vista when it comes to pre-existing software. Microsoft are far worse when changes like this come along.

    All Apple are doing is stating fact – iTunes and Vista might have issues when run together, if you want to avoid that and still run iTunes then don’t use Vista for the time being.

  3. They could have said “Loading Vista on your machine will be something like bathing in a river of sewage,” too. It would have been about right. But of course they can’t say that, but I can.

    XP iTunes users: NOW is your chance to break the cycle of pain and agony. Don’t ‘upgrade’ to Vista. Just bag the whole thing and get a Mac.

    Thank you.


  4. Forget iTunes – plenty of better alternatives. Maybe Apple could spend their time getting iLife and iWork to, boom! – it just works.

    Right now this Apple software is not worth fooling with – get yourselves something that will produce results, not headaches, calls to Apple Care (with little or no help), and the desire to shove the Apple box off the cliff.

  5. From what I read, Apple issued a warning, saying that the current Windows version of iTunes had some potential problems with Vista and they (Apple) were working on a fix that should be released in a few weeks.

    Sounds more like truth in advertising than some shady scam.

    Even if Apple had said wait until we release Leopard before you “upgrade” to Vista, it would still be legitimate advertising.

    Microsoft the convicted (but unpunished) Monopolist gets away with figurative business mayhem and murder, but Apple releases a heads-up and is evil and “shady”.

    Wow, the Microsoft shills are at it already this week!

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