Free online guides for Windows to Mac switchers

The Switch To A Mac Guides serve as tutorials that will help Windows to Mac switchers learn how Macs and Mac OS X work.

Furthermore, the Guides are meant to serve as a resource that will help Mac users of all skill levels to become familiar with Macs, Mac OS X, and the software runs on Mac OS X.

The Guides are a work in progress but most importantly they’re FREE. Switch To A Mac have made every attempt to make them easy to read and understand.

The Guides are organized as follows:
• Macs
– iMac
– Mac mini
– Mac Pro
– MacBook
– MacBook Pro

• Mac OS X
– OS X Basics
– Aqua
– Dashboard
– Desktop
– Dock
– Exposé
– Finder
– Menu Bar
– Menulets
– Sidebar
– Spotlight
– System Preferences
– Windows

• iLife
– GarageBand
– iDVD
– iLife
– iMovie
– iTunes
– iPhoto
– iWeb

• Applications
– Address Book
– DVD Player
– Front Row
– iCal
– Mail
– Photo Booth
– QuickTime Player
– Safari
– Software Update

More guides are in progress, according to Switch To a Mac.

The guides are here:


  1. The news is slow on Apple. it it very hard to put up with it after the build-up to iPhone, the Intel switch, etc. It’s like comming off a six month fling with Angelina Jolie and going back to work at the 7-11 in Redville, Iowa.

  2. Not much of anything going on around here.

    Note to MDN: give Lord Jobs a call and thell him we could use a fresh round of some Huckstering to kick start the discussions.

    Maybe he could announce a few more Leopard features – maybe there’s something for the latest cat to purr about that Stevie Boy could give us a little boom!, it just works.

  3. “It’s like comming off a six month fling with Angelina Jolie and going back to work at the 7-11 in Redville, Iowa”

    My nominee for the best smartass analogy of the week.
    MDN should offer a prize or something.

    The week is still young, but this one is good.

  4. Of course it is quite easy to switch to a Mac, but Windows Victims need a great deal of reassuring about All Things Computing. Last year my in-laws got a Mac, and they are still traumatized by their previous computing experiences. If something goes wrong (like accidentally dragging Safari out of the Dock), they won’t touch the thing until I go over to help. They are so afraid they are going to lose their data, if one of them is working on a letter, they won’t shut it down or switch users until they’re finished (no matter how many times they save the document). Mac users are so spoiled by OS X, we tend to forget how you have to tiptoe around Windows to avoid breaking anything. Switchers need a lot of time to recover from the Open Sore that is Windows.

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