Microsoft’s Windows Vista Live OneCare security tool fails active virus test

“Security tools that work with Windows Vista have failed tests to see if they can detect viruses circulating online,” BBC Bews reports. “Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare security tool was one of four products that failed independent tests carried out by the Virus Bulletin.”

“The security testing group found that Live OneCare missed far more active viruses than any other program tested,” the Beeb reports. “When Vista was launched on 30 January, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates claimed that it was “dramatically more secure” than other operating systems.”

Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare “missed some wild viruses, polymorphic programs and file infectors” and was left “vulnerable to 37 separate malicious programs,” The Beeb reports. “Other anti-virus products that failed the tests included G-Data AntiVirusKit, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.51 and Norman Virus Control 5.90.”

Full article here.

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  1. What? Bill Gates was lying? I don’t believe it.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    stellar work, Microsoft. Now this will be a huge story right up until Apple releases Leopard. Hehe.

  2. You call this a balanced report? I only trust the fair and balanced studies that come out of Redmond. They’re just jealous of Microsoft’s improvements and want to sell software that adds no additional protection.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  3. Pc People should use AVG free version for viruses and Ad-Aware for spyware. Because the Onecare sucks badly and the Windows Defender is Total Junk at detecting spyware. It dont detect None at all. Although the beta antispyware by Microsoft did detect spyware b4. They went downhill with Windows Defender it sucks badly at detecting spyware. Bye

  4. The honeymoon is over…

    The bad news about Vista is as yet just a trickle. In a month it will be a steady stream, and by next quarter it will be a torrent.

    Microsoft have lost their shine and the knives are out. “An embarassment” says Time magazine about Vista…

    The first Mac / PC ad to poke fun at Vista is quite benign. The boys at Cupertino are going to have a lot of fun this year…

  5. @ Zune Tang

    Great job! Some of the other Zune Tang posts have been disappointing, right down to getting the “Your potential. Our passion.” part wrong. Too many Zune Tangs have been capitalizing the wrong words, or forgetting the periods, but you nailed it. I think this post captured the essence of Zune Tang.

    I’ll take the night off from this one. Nice work.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  6. “Live OneCare caught 99.91% of the known active viruses it was tested against. This left it vulnerable to 37 separate malicious programs.”

    Would you pay Microsoft an annual fee for Live OneCare if you were guaranteed that only 37 of 41,111 viruses would be capable of infecting your PC? Exactly how much money do PC users have to shell out each year for Live OneCare anyhow? It should be pointed out that Apple does not charge an annual fee to provide protection from malware.

    “Other anti-virus products that failed the tests included G-Data AntiVirusKit, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.51 and Norman Virus Control 5.90.”

    Apparently, Microsoft is not the only company that cannot provide a 100% guarantee against malware. I can only think of two known programs reported to have infected OS X: Leap A and Oompa-Loompa. Have recent updates to OS X eliminated these threats? How can Mac users identify and delete any malicious software on their machines?

  7. Zune Tang is as funny as a kick in the balls. Same post over and over, Apple bad, Microsoft good. Go back to Redmond and kiss Ballmer’s ass you troll. Why do you hang around if you have no interest in Apple? Screw off.

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