Do liberals like Apple Macs, while conservatives shun them?

“Conservatives are so PC. Not PC as in ‘politically correct,’ though they certainly have more than their share of those who patrol the language for any nuance that gives off hints of liberalism. PC as in PC,” Devilstower writes for Daily Kos.

“No one has any doubt that PCs running some flavor of Microsoft Windows dominate the computer landscape as much as dinosaurs did the Jurassic plains. Little Unix systems pop up here and there, as do many less well known systems, holding down small niches in the computer ecosystem,” Devilstower writes.

Devilstower writes, “And then there is Apple.”

“The scampering mammals of the IT landscape, Macs have sometimes come close to extinction and even now hold down just less than 5% of computer sales. Hardware wise, that 5% is not so bad, considering that the PC world is divided up amongst Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony, whoever owns IBM’s name this week, and a thousand others. Apple is solidly among the top brands,” Devilstower writes.

Devilstower writes, “But on the software side, the share of the market held by Apple’s OS X operating system looks tiny beside Microsoft’s behemoth. It’s even smaller on conservative web sites. When it comes to visitors to Instapundit, OS X visitors make up only 2-3%, suggesting that conservatives are less likely to go for the Apple brand than the general public. On the other hand, Daily Kos statistics show that between 15% and 25% of visitors to this site are using Macs — an astounding 5x times the general population of these computers. If you were at YearlyKos last time around, you could spot more Macs at breakfast than you’d find in an Apple store.”

Devilstower asks, “So here’s a question: why? Why do liberals like Macs, while conservatives shun them?”

In the full article, Devilstower explores four theories:
• The Fiscal Conservative Theory
• Conformists vs Individuals Theory
• The Hip vs Tragically Unhip Theory
• The Artists vs. Sausage Makers Theory

Full article, with, oh, about 700 reader comments, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Devilstower might be surprised at just how many “conservative” Mac users actually exist. Especially “fiscally conservative” Mac users. It really depends to the definitions you’re using for “liberal” and “conservative.” But, certainly in the opinion of most, Mac users are generally considered to be at least a tad more left of center than Windows PC sufferers. Forget about Apple’s usual quarterly guidance, the last time we looked, Al Gore was sitting in Apple’s boardroom, but we couldn’t find hide nor hair of Newt Gingrich. What do you think? How do you label yourself, if you do?

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  1. Regardless of label, I think that smart people use Macs. Or at least people who are more informed on the merits and detriments of both Macs and Windows.

    Mac users, whether “liberal” or “conservative” have generally made a conscious decision to use Mac over Windows.

    Most of the Windows PC users that I know use that platform because that’s all they know and they certainly don’t know what they’re missing.

    I consider myself to be “conservative” or at least “Republican” and, yes, I should have been confirmed to the Court.

  2. The truth is pretty obvious. Conservatives tend to have jobs. And most companies use scores of PCs. Therefore when they visit they are probably on a company PC.

    The liberals are visiting their sites on the mac they have in their homes (parent’s basement that is) in between anti-(fill in the blank) rallys, birkenstock sales, and Greatful Dead tribute concerts.

  3. Quite conservative, though I don’t consider myself a Republican, and I only own Macs. My parents are also conservative, and have only ever owned Macs. Same with my brother, his family, and all of my cousins and their families. I think Devilstower’s ‘theory’ is a complete load of hogwash. There’s really no point in trying to say that All Liberals Prefer This while All Conservatives Prefer That. Generalities like this serve no purpose, are usually always false, and tend to cause more hell-hate-&-discontent than anything else.

  4., a popular conservative website, has a large and active Mac community.

    Many Democratic scandals were researched and exposed for the first time at FreeRepublic by Mac users, such as Bill Clinton’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick, Clinton’s selling of pardons in exchange for large contributions to his presidential library, and several others. It’s fair to say that Bill Clinton got impeached by a Mac.

  5. I’m fairly conservative. My dad, my brother, my mother (the rest of my family. . not so much) We are the Mac users, and they are the PC users. So I dunno where all this is coming from. Goodnight.

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