New Apple Cinema HD Displays, Mac Pros on Tuesday?

“Reliable sources have indicated that an Apple product announcement is in the works for Tuesday, but sources have been unable to nail down the specifics of the announcement,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “Sources have placed a reasonable degree of certainty on an announcement surrounding displays, however, suggesting a price cut at the minimum or a new line of displays entirely.”

“Should Apple upgrade its displays, an update to its Mac Pro line of computers could also be reasonably expected, as Apple typically upgrades the two in tandem,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

MacScoop in late December reported that “the next generation of Apple Cinema Displays could feature a built-in iSight, HDMI connectivity as well as support for HDCP. New sizes could appear in the line-up: the 23 inch model may be replaced by a 24 inch one while a larger model may broaden the line-up.”

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  1. dear Buudah, let the new Mac Pro’s be ready so i can launch them tomorrow. There’s a guy in colorado that really is torn between buying a refurb or waiting for the new Mac Pros… and i’m sick of waiting.. i mean, he’s sick of waiting… he needs a Mac Pro NOW!

  2. Surely it would be PR madness to release anything this week, unless it was a show stopper? Let the media get their fill of the ‘big’ Vista launch this week and then take the attention away starting next week with a series of launches.

  3. New iPod. The product line is getting just a bit stale and Apple needs something to generate excitement and generate sales until the iPhone comes out. The Beatles?

    Mac mini with Core 2 Duo is overdue. It is the only remaining Intel-based Mac that still hasn’t been updated with this newest CPU.

    And how about a Mac mini Pro? I see this as a beefed up model designed as a high-end home entertainment center component in a bit larger form factor than the basic mini. It should have a faster CPU, larger hard drive (or two), 128 or 256MB of separate video RAM, a BlueRay optical drive, and maybe even an extra gigabit Ethernet port.

    A 12″ MacPro.

    New Cinema, LCD displays with iSight.

    Apple Cinema 30-, 43- and 50-inch LCD TVs with HDMI, HDCP and two digital ATSC/QAM tuners.

    However, some of these might not be possible until after Leopard has been introduced, because they may need new Leopard features that have not yet been revealed.

  4. I sure would like a spanky new Apple monitor. My big old Mitsubishi CRT is pretty creaky at this point. Can’t even remember when I bought it… 1998?

    Anyway, it’d be nice to see new Apple LCDs with faster response, iSight, HDM…

  5. My 30-inch Cinema Display is two years old now, and even Dell and HP make ’em too, but cheaper! Time for larger display or more pixels per inch please Apple. Get back ahead of the curve.

    While we’re at it, can you please make MacPro accept any ATi or nVidia graphics card? Actually, all you need do is open the drivers to support them.

    After all, I can put any third party hard disk or memory in my Mac, why should I be stuck with limited range of graphics cards?

    Would mean my dual-boot Mac is better for gaming, and I could ditch my gaming PC. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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