Faronics releases Power Save Mac 1.5

Faronics has announced the release of Faronics Power Save Mac 1.5, a software tool that gives administrators the ability to set up customized energy-usage schedules and intelligent inactivity settings which enhance and extend the Energy Saver found within the Mac OS X System Preferences.

Power Save Mac can schedule shutdowns, startups, sleeps and wakes by day, weekend, weekday, or a specific date. Administrators can utilize Power Save Mac to save on energy costs associated with running a multiple workstation environment. These savings may also be impacted by the extended life of computer hardware across the enterprise.

Power Save Mac can be managed at the workstation level or remotely via Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).

Power Save Mac is priced at $12 per computer including one-year maintenance package; discounts for education are available. For more information or to download a 30-day evaluation version: http://www.faronics.com/mac


  1. Or, if you have labs and larger deployments, you can just schedule shutdowns and startups and other energy saver settings centrally from Open Directory on OS X Server. $12 bucks? I’ll tell you how to do it for $1 per computer…

  2. If the computer consumes 400 watts, at $0.07 per kilowatt/hour for electricity, and if this allowed you to shut your computers down 48hrs per week that they used to be on, you would save $16.13 per year.

    Questionable ROI.

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