End those embarrassing ‘Zune Moments’ with ‘iFace’ Apple iPhone cover

“For those that are too embarrassed to carry around their Microsoft Zune comes the new iFace. The ultimate device for those that suffer from having techno-envy,” Registered Media reports.

Owning a Microsoft Zune player in an iPhone dominated world can become a huge social stigma. Especially if you’re one of those trendy up-and-comers. We’ve solved the stigma associated with owning a Microsoft Zune by creating the “iFace.” The iFace attaches to your Microsoft Zune using a hinge & latch mechanism. Once installed it transforms the outer appearance of your Zune player to resemble and iPhone INSTANTLY. With the iFace you’ll never have to lie to your friends about why you own a Zune. You won’t have to hide your Zune, you can use it as you always have, in any setting. Isn’t it time you get your confidence back? Pick up an iFace for your Microsoft Zune today.

See a friend approaching? Quickly close the iFace cover on your Zune player putting it into an instant state of “incognito.” People will think you actually own an Apple iPhone.

STOP asking yourself, “Why did I ever buy this thing,” and START making people think you’re hip and trendy once again.

Larger version of the parody product ad here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rod S.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Now, if this was a real product there would be the home, professional and student & teacher editions, it would come free with 100’s of viruses a 300 page printed manual and there would be ten different drivers to download.

  2. I won’t buy any, thank you. What do Zune owners have to be ashamed of?


    It’s you iPod lemmings who should be embarrassed. You don’t have points, you can’t squirt, and Apple is nickel-and-diming you for FM radio capability. Not only that, but have you seen the advertising for Zune? I’m part of the social now. We are a tight-knit group of movers and shakers who squirt each other. Who doesn’t see the people in the Zune commercials and say to themselves “Wow, what a hip, handsome, energetic bunch or youngsters. I can be like that with a Zune!” So true.

    Hey iPodders, stop being a part of the antisocial. Get a Zune.

    Welcome to the Social.

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