Apple CEO Steve Jobs to appear on CNBC today

CNBC is promoting a visit by Apple CEO Steve Jobs to happen sometime during their “Closing Bell” program which airs 3:pm to 5pm ET.

On-air commentators are promising that Jobs will talks about iPhone, Apple TV, and the ongoing stock options investigations.


  1. Don’t need another phone, pocket pc or iPod whether in one or multiple devices.

    What I do need is a better and faster Mac of both desktop and laptop varieties.

    Also need iLife 07, iWork 07, etc., etc., along with, of course, Leopard.

    Will I have to make contact with Microsoft, a company apparently staying in the computer business, for my wants and needs?

  2. WBW, Do you really think Apple would unveil Apple TV, iPhone, OS 10.5, iLife ’07, iWork ’07 etc. all in one go? Thankfully, Apple has better PR and marketing people than you! The annoucements today fit together quite nicely. I except an additional event sometime later in the spring for 10.5 and associated software. As for updated Macs, do you really think a processor upgrade is worthy of time next to the phone stuff? Steve today used MacWorld to talk about the future. It may not be to your liking, but that’s where Apple is headed and needs to go. Talk about halo effect!

  3. CNBC spreading FUD. Is the iPhone not Windoze compatible? Said it was not a “business” device because of this. Thought it was. Still haven’t watched the entire keynote though. Am I wrong about this?

  4. I wish I had known there would be no Leopard or iLife/iWork announcements going into the keynote. I wouldn’t feel quite so let down. Steve made a proclamation it was all about the Mac and then launched into talking about iTunes, iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone and never came back to the Mac.

  5. It would’ve been dumb to try to cram in announcements about iLife and Leopard. People are acting as if Apple has simply stopped dvelopment on these things. What people don’t seem to understand is that there is only so much you can do in a single presentation.

    They’ll very likely have another presentation pretty soon devoted solely to Mac news. Good grief, nervous nellies!

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