Apple releases iChat Update 1.0

Apple has released iChat Update 1.0 which “renews the .Mac certificate required by iChat for encrypting text, audio, and video conferences.”

According to Apple’s documentation, “This document will be updated as more information becomes available.”

Or, in other words, after Steve Jobs’s Macworld Expo keynote – hint, hint. Quick, somebody start digging through the code! wink

iChat Update 1.0 is available via Software Update and also as standalone installers:

More info and download link for iChat Update 1.0 (PPC) – (2.3MB) here.

More info and download link for iChat Update 1.0 (Universal) – (3.9MB) here.

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  1. Why do such minor things require a restart? The OS should just relaunch the dependent services and continue. Works that way on linux boxes… it’s not like the kernel of the OS is being updated…

  2. Joe . . . bitch, bitch, bitch, gripe, gripe, gripe, whine, whine, whine, pout, pout, pout.

    FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, GET OVER IT! Is your world so damned small that a restart makes a blip on your radar?

    Gawd . . .

  3. While I definitely agree that too many things require restarting the OS, I have a feeling this is more than a minor update. Why would they be afraid to post details of something as dull as updating a certificate? This must add the framework necessary for some sort of hardware or additional software (or both) bein introduced really soon!

  4. I’m with Joe. I’ve had it with the constant restarts in OS X. I want the classic Mac OS back for its stability and uptime. You never had to restart the classic Mac OS.

    What a step backward. Nice going, Apple.

  5. whoever thought an update to the mac os would be a step backwards. I dont remember the last update that i had to restart with, but its no big deal, you technically dont have to restart. just hide the restart window until you are ready.

    MDN word: Hard. As in “Is it really that hard to restart?”

  6. Damacles:

    FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, GET OVER IT! Is your world so damned small that a restart makes a blip on your radar?

    Well imagine if an update to TextEdit required a restart, or if updates required a restart? When will seemingly app-isolated update + restart get you annoyed? Heck, updates to Apache on my Mac require a restart yet I don’t even run the webserver, so I know for sure there is no framework involved.

    If your car required you to get out and crank a handle a dozen times for it to start, would you be irritated? The reason this is irritating is cause Apple has to at some point make such updates seamless. Why should I stop my workflow? Just because some other OSs require restarts for little things?

  7. soooo why release this now?

    oh…. to whet the appetites of bloggers…?

    Because they could have released it next week, without a hitch…


    Also, the gadget review guys need the software to be working so they can play w the stuff before the rest of us get it

  8. Wild Rumor Monger, there are NO OTHER Mac apps I would ever like to see on Windows, but iChat is one of them. I’m so sick of trying to make video chats with my Windows using friends, only to never connect with them. It’s frustrating.

    I don’t think it’s probable though.

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