What’s the meaning behind Apple’s ‘The first 30 years were just the beginning’ tease?

“By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen Apple’s new home page,” Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld.

MacDailyNews Note: If not, here you go:

Griffiths writes, “A simple statement, yet one loaded with intrigue. What exactly does it mean? …I don’t think the slogan on the home page is a generic New Year’s announcement, nor do I think it’s a general statement on Apple’s mission for 2007. I think it’s clearly targeted to up the hype level for next week’s Macworld Expo, which means there must be some “now” type of product announcements behind it.”

Griffiths writes, “However, I don’t think it really has much of anything to do with the currently rumored products. That is, I don’t feel a new dual quad-core Mac, a true video iPod, Leopard shipping as of ‘now,’ or even an iTV home-theater box represent enough of a ‘wow!’ announcement to merit the direction implied by the marketing statement. If Steve Jobs stands up next Tuesday and says “We told you the first 30 years were just the beginning…and here’s why: the new iTV,” he’s going to get a very flat response. That’s because the expectations bar has been set quite high by the statement on Apple’s home page.”

Griffiths writes, “To me, at least, the ‘just the beginning’ portion of the phrase implies something truly forward-thinking. Apple is basically stating that it’s taken the past 30 years for the company to get where it is now, and that it plans to use all that knowledge to really show us what it can do.”

Full article in which Griffiths tells what he thinks the Apple.com teaser means, how Apple has over-hyped before, drum-roll please: Apple’s “30th Anniversary Macintosh,” and more here.

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  1. ” the first 30 years were just the beginning…and here’s why: the new iTV,” he’s going to get a very flat response.”

    It all depends on what the iTV can do. The PC is definitely the centre of our work and study world, but the iTV has the potential to become the centre of our entertainment world. If anytime we want to ‘knock off’ work and have some fun (games), call/view family in another city, watch a movie, laugh at some YouTube clips, show off some holiday photos, listen to an audiobook, relax to some music or generally wind down then the iTV may be the general purpose box to do this – personally or as a group.

    Just like the telephone is not too useful with only a few users, if traditional DVD players, TV receivers, CD players, consoles, telephones, photo albums, etc get replaced by a ‘sharing’ iTV internet communications hub in HD in most homes, the next 30 years will replace the last 30 years.

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