Apple Mac OS X guru combats ‘Month of Apple Bugs’

“A software engineer has vowed to quickly provide a patch for flaws in Apple Computer software that are set to be made public by researchers Kevin Finisterre and the pseudonymous LMH this month,” Tom Espiner reports for CNET News.

Espiner reports, “The vulnerability researchers’ ‘Month of Apple Bugs’ project, launched Monday, promises to announce a hole in Apple software on each day in January. However, a senior open-source developer with extensive experience working for the Mac maker says he is attempting to offer a fix for each flaw found.”

Espiner reports, “Landon Fuller was an engineer in Apple’s BSD Technology Group and is one of the principal architects of Darwin, an open-source, Unix-like operating system designed to work alone or as a core set of components for Mac OS X. He has already offered patches for the two vulnerabilities published by the Month of Apple Bugs project so far.”

Full article here.

Landon Fuller’s fixes and more:

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  1. A secure solution with a solution to get even more secure…what more could we ask for as Apple enthusiasts?
    I wonder if they are letting the bugs out of the bag in order of priority…if so, then I have few worries. The guy should reveal himself and Apple should hire him to do this every day.

  2. You mean one guy and one day (for each) is all it takes to close bugs found in the Apple platform (and 3rd party software)?? That says a lot all by itself. It takes hundreds of resources and months/years on the “other” platform to get any bugs closed.

    There simply is not comparison. Think Different.

  3. Read some of the comments to that article.

    Some misguided Windows users really hate Apple and think that the two researchers, releasing these vulnerabilities to the public first, are heros.

    As if a few Mac OS X vulnerabilities will make up for the tens of thousands of vulnerabilities found and still to be found in Windows.

    Wake me when a self replicating piece of Mac OS X malware is out in the wild.

    Until then, STFU.

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