Discovery Channel to broadcast the ‘Inside Story of Apple iPod’

The Discovery Channel plans to broadcast the “Inside Story of the iPod” on December 27 2006 @ 12pm ET:

The iPod Revolution goes behind the scenes to uncover how Steve Jobs brought Apple back from the grave to create one of the most popular electronics devices ever made: the iPod.

More info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael P.” for the heads up.]


  1. FWIW, Stephen Levy was pumping his book on the iPod in an hour-long interview on C-SPAN (no commercials interruptions!) this past holiday weekend. Interesting tidbits on the development of the iPod. Maybe it will air again?

  2. loganson,

    I agree with the iMac being the first product to turn Apple around, but the iMac would never have happened if Steve Jobs was not invited to take over for Gil Amelio, who Simply didn’t have the time to do much of anything to save Apple from the disaster left behind my Michael Spindler. Even if he had the time, he was lacking in the vision that Jobs has, and as such, it is unlikely that he would have done more than apple the same or similar cost cutting strategies that he successfully applied at Nat’l Semi prior to his coming to Apple.

    No, the iPod did not save Apple. Steve Jobs did. the iMac was the first visionary product in that turn around, and the iPod the second, and despite being introduced before the iPod, OS X was the third element in the turn around, which has set the groundwork for the future.

    That Apple reportedly had OS X running on Intel hardware “in the lab” for five years at the time they started the switch CPUs is quite telling… Apple needed to be solidly in the black before making the switch.

    Just my 2¢, for what they are worth

  3. Mac4me,

    Yes, but a show called “Inside Story of the second product that Steve Jobs put out to save Apple” may not have been as easy to sell to The Discovery Channel. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Will it be available on iTunes? Most of us who would like to watch this are at work at 12p on a Wednesday. It’s shows like these I’d spend the 2 bucks for to download and they never seem to be available on iTunes.

  5. I found the Steven Levy video (that the Mac Genius mentioned) online:

    “The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture and Coolness” [C-SPAN]

    FYI, there are four versions of the book, with chapters shuffled a la the iPod random play feature.

    It’s a good interview. There were occasions I wanted to scream a better answer, but Steven holds his own. One funny anecdote is of the Author showing Bill Gates the 1st-Gen iPod.

  6. Thanks for the translation, Jimbo!
    Thanks The Man With Two Brains for the video link!

    I’ve listened to Stephen Levy talk about the iPod and technology. From his answers, he just doesn’t understand technology that in-depth. As an example, he did a terrible job answering the question of what an MP3 file format is. And he’s supposed to be the self-proclaimed “technologist” for his Newsweek column?

    Too many people know how to talk BS in this world.

  7. Where is Jonathan Ive in all of this? Yes, Steve brought Apple back from the brink, but there was a dedicated team of engineers and designers whose individual visions helped create the iMac and the iPod. Steve may have had an idea, or a direction, the designers and engineers bring it to life. No one but Ive could’ve designed the iMac and the iPod – Steve or not.

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