RUMOR: Second leaked Apple ‘iPhone’ image shows chameleonic trackpad

Vincent Nguyen, who earlier posted what may be a leaked photo of Apple’s mobile phone on, claims to have received a second image from an anonymous source.

Nguyen writes, “Hopefully this second image will help answer questions about the bottom half of the touch pad.”

Along with the image, Nguyen also received this info:

touch pad has backlight possibilities to show click wheel, Numbers or other input-interface… or just a track pad…

Full article with larger image here.
This is a rumor and this photo could be a fake, but we cannot currently discount it.

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  1. Always Right: I agree. The one I have is nutzo! And, I said regularly…not biweekly. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    I think this is a fake, also.

    No Apple legal on it, so that shows it’s nothing to worry about. But, I like the design well enough.

  2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Photoshopped image or not, even a bad one. It could be a mockup. If Apple’s ad agency of record is indeed producing iPhone ads, they coul be working with FPO (For Position Only) non-final art. Heck, they may not ever even SEE the final art before it runs in a magazine or on a billboard. The printer can just throw in the final art at the 11th hour.

    As far as the middle row of buttons being lower than the others, chances are they are on your phone too. Take a look.

  3. One thing that everyone is overlooking is the fact that this particular phone concept would be very uncomfortable to use. There is a sharp edge along the top that would ostensibly be pressed against the cartilage of one’s ear. Ouch! Try hold an iPod mini or iPod nano in a phone-use position and see how it feels.

    That edge has to be contoured.

  4. when it is introduced by Steve it will happen like this:

    @ MacWorld Keynote…

    Steve’s talking… saying about some new Mac or some new Mac OS ‘it just works’…

    Hear cell phone ringing…

    Steve says: ‘cuse me, I have to take this call’… reaches into his Levis, pulls out the iPhone and says ‘hello, this is Steve’

    Audience goes wild, two people die from SCA, two more lose their breakfast, one rips off clothes, stock drops 2 pts, shipping today, NOTE THE WIDE SCREEN.

    The one pictured here ain’t the one.

  5. I don’t know or care if this is fake or not, but it IS within the realm of possibility and dovetails with knowledge of technology that Apple has been working on.
    First, the offset middle row on a standard buttons is to provide eyes-free tactile feedback on thumb position on the keypad. How that could be of any use on a flat trackpad doesn’t make a lot of sense to me unless Apple has figured out a way to provide a bump on the screen for a point of reference.

    A chameleonic control screen that is contextual to current device function is exactly the type of new paradigm I expect Apple to deliver.

    Here’s hoping…!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. One other thing…
    Even very real products have simulated pictures photoshopped onto the screens. The lighting needed to shoot the hardware normally washes out LCD screens. I’ve done this many times as part of my ad business, so don’t discount the reality of the product just because the screen image doesn’t look quite “real”.

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