Cingular patent application hints at Apple deal

“An interesting patent application from Cingular has surfaced today in which it describes a two-prong marketing approach for providing music, TV and movie to cell phone users. Cingular describes both a wireless streaming based subscription-type service in addition to allowing users to access their content on internet services like Apple’s iTunes Music Store via Digital Licensed Keys. Whether or not Apple has agreed to this new wireless service format is unknown at this time – although the patent’s verbiage would suggest this may be the case,” Neo reports for MacNN.

Full article here.

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  1. EWWW. i want apple to go it alone. As already proven, cell phone companies that exist now do NOT know how to delver media to us. Apple does.

    MDNMW: values as in: If apple values me as a customer of 23 years, they will not team up for its distro of media.

  2. Cingular sure used a lot of references to Apple iTunes in their patent description. But I think they’re missing the boat. Consumers (speaking for myself) don’t want to subscribe to music. They want to own it. Period.

  3. This is a bad idea. Economically it appears flawed as I believe storage (flash and newer technologies) will always be cheaper than bandwidth. Environmentally it is a bad idea*, all those waves are negative waves! It is far better, and I believe cheaper, to download once and store locally than download several/many times.

    I am amazed that such an idea could be patented, it doesn’t pass the ‘obvious to one skilled in the art’ test.

    *All radio waves interfere in some way with the immune system, the more the waves the more interference. Cell phones are known to cause harm, and this was known way back in the 1980s when I got my first. The industry (and other powers) dispute each and every independent finding and persuades the authorities that more research is needed, most recently the UN took on a five year research program, five years more for the industry to get entrenched. Some schools are now removing WiFi networks and replacing with ethernet. I am sure interested folks can use their favorite search engine but here’s a link to one of the most horrific covered up studies:

  4. Gandalf, that is not a study – it is a pre-digested mishmash of unproven allegations with some references to very dubious studies, suppositions, and other similarly bad articles. It is no more “proof” or even plausible “demonstration” than if I said space aliens surely must have created the pyramids because a whole lot of books & articles have been written that said they did: a lie repeated a thousand times makes it no closer to the truth…

  5. For those that want subscription services – make sure you are investing in your kids. When you die, you won’t be able to give them your music – they’ll need to keep paying for it themselves if they want to continue to listen to it. Of course, then you lose your chance to get them truly ‘hooked on classics’ of your era, especially if you die too soon.

    Happy Holidays

  6. “I so want subscriptions to iTunes – yes I know you don’t own, and it’s gone when you cancel…but it beats the hell out of XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.”

    CERTAIN absolute proof that this model is horrid for consumers is the fact that record labels all want it.

  7. I want a subscription model for iTunes also. I don’t want to rent music, but I do want to subscribe to video and movies that I only want to watch once and then don’t want filling up space on my hard drive. I’ll still buy the music I want to keep.

  8. I’m with Alec… I find music subscriptions completely pointless. I would, however, choose a video subscription service, over a la carte purchasing. There are very few movies that I care to own, and I’d rather buy those on DVD.

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