Matsushita builds new lithium-ion battery

“Japanese electronics maker Matsushita Electric Industrial said Monday it will begin mass production of a new lithium-ion battery that is safe from the overheating problems that prompted a massive recall of Sony Corp. batteries this year,” The Associated Press reports.

AP reports, “Matsushita, known globally for its Panasonic brand products, said it began producing the new batteries in April and will ship them in large quantities by the end of this year.”

AP reports, “Matsushita said it will use the technology mainly in its higher-end, high capacity batteries. The price of the new batteries will depend on the quantity ordered, but would be higher than existing models, it said.”

Full article here.

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  1. Matsushita – who make RPC2 drives that Apple uses which prevent me viewing legitimately purchased discs from other regions … RPC2 – the first drives that spew out garbage if the region code and the dvd region do not match … yes, thanks for “thinking different” Apple.

  2. Tom,

    At last someone’s (correctly) rubbishing Matsushita. I totally agree with your sentiments. Of course this is the same company that makes drives that fall over if there’s a speck on a cd or dvd. MatuSHITa are a company that La Cie et alia thank every day for it’s existence. Why, because it leads many consumes to buy external non-Matushita drives.

    If the battery is anything like their drives then there’ll be more recalls.

    MDN word “cause” as in just cause.

  3. Mike K.,

    You got it right about the stupidity of that comment made by Snapper.

    We have a hideous problem in solving our energy problems — the pathetic level of scientific knowledge of even supposedly educated people. If posters do not understand even the dimensionality of physical quantities — length, mass, time, and charge — or the laws of thermodynamics, please either shut up or learn some basic physics.

  4. MPC Guy,
    Yes we have 4 IDX E-10’s and love them. They work much better than my Dionic 90 on my dinosaur Betacam.

    Frezzi supposedly makes a 100 WH Lithion Ion that will charge on IDX and Sony chargers that I would like to try out.

  5. What good is a battery powered car when the electricity used to charge the battery comes from a high sulfur coal fired power plant?

    Even low sulfur coal, oil, or natural gas fired power plants create vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide. Using this ‘dirty’ electricity, to charge a battery, to save the planet is not the answer. Even Hydrogen powered cars need electricity for electrolysis to free up the Hydrogen gas.

    Only hydro, hydrothermal, nuclear, solar, or wind power plants make battery powered cars better than internal combustion vehicles. Hydro projects are running out of rivers, only 2 major North American river systems remain unused. Wind, solar and hydrothermal power plants are expensive and too small scale to serve our transportation needs.

    The only real, practical answer is nuclear power. If you want to drive battery powered cars be prepared to have a nuclear power plant in your neighborhood.

    If you’re not prepared to have a nuclear power plant in your neighborhood, sell your car and use mass transit from now on.

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