RealMoney’s Comeau predicts: ‘Microsoft will kill the first Zune media player by midyear’

Research Analyst Michael Comeau has made his 2007 predictions for RealMoney, including:

Microsoft will kill the first Zune media player by midyear, and I will write a column headlined “Goodbye to the Social,” outlining Microsoft’s obvious strategic errors in developing the device, specifically the decision to not design a new player from the ground up. However, Microsoft will have some modest success with a new media player designed 100% from the ground up, which will be out in time for the 2007 holiday shopping season.

Dell will continue to lose market share, and CEO Kevin Rollins will step aside by year-end, with Michael Dell once again taking the reins as CEO.

Full article with more predictions here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
Oh, goody. We get to look forward to another flood of misinformed “Microsoft iPod Killer” articles next year, too.

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  1. Michael Comeau has the best crystal ball.

    This research analyst is worth his weight in Zunes, even if he’s overweight.

    This is a brilliant insightful moment of genius. Microsoft Will Kill the Zune !


    Even though the Zune is a wild success in Redmond and will sell 1 mm units by 1H07;
    Microsoft will kill it to bring an even better and more successful Zune 2.0

    Who could have thought that, but that great analyst Michael Comeau.

    His insight puts it all together. Now the future fall sinto place.

    It all makes sense. Finally. What a crystal ball. What a genius.

    I really admire Michael Comeau and hope he gets paid a lot of money and a big Christmas bonus this year.

    Thank you MDN for letting suck in the wisdom and learn from all these brilliant analysts.

  2. Comeau does not exactly predict the death of Zune, only a mutation. So, rather than Microsoft suffering the shame of another year of Zune, Microsoft gets to endure the embarrassment of introducing yet another multimedia product predestined to grab the market in mediocre technology.

  3. The Zune is a Zune killer?


    “Obvious strategic errors?”

    Wrong again.

    The Zune is out of the Gates like a rocket fueled by stunning consumer demand. I don’t know what Comeau is analyzing but I suggest he picks up lunch and heads to Best Buy or Circuit City. He can have a picnic on empty shelves where Zunes once were. From there this loser can watch the iPod lemmings try to figure out Apple’s mangled interface and battle Apple’s typically shoddy design. Just wait until they have to configure iTunes to work with those things on Christmas morning. You can’t! Too bad the Zunes are gone.

    Another day, another analyst who doesn’t get it.

    Welcome to the Social.

  4. Well, duh, obviously the current Zune model doesn’t have a long shelf life, even a retard could see that. The question is does Microsoft keep blowing billions of shareholders’ dollars on the Zune line by releasing the Zune “Video”, the Zune “Nano”, the Zune “Shuffle”, and the Zune “Phone” OR do they let common sense take over and kill the line altogether?

  5. This research analyst is worth his weight in Zunes, even if he’s overweight.

    Since the Zune is worthless, even if this guy had the same mass as the enire Universe, he’s still worthless : 0 times infinity still equals 0!

    So you are absolutely correct about this anal-yst.

  6. I asked the local Costco check out clerk what is selling more: Ipods or Zunes.

    She actually said: ” Oh, by far Ipods. What is a Zune?”

    I think they Ipods are good sellers for Costco, Target, Best Buy etc. But I don’t think they make very much on them. I think they make their money on the secondary market of extra speakers cases, and connectivity stuff to your car or home stereo system. Even Bedrooms Bathrooms and Beyond is selling IPOd clock radios, and Ipod Speakers for crying out loud. Not many “made or Zune’ clock radios .

  7. This is the EXACT same analysis BS that filled the internet when XBOX launched. “Why don’t they give up and just sell PS2 games”
    Here we are 5 years later and the 360 is kicking butt, the PS3 is a no show in 2006.

    Dont stress over the first 2 weeks of sales for the Zune, it sold 7x more than the first iPod did at launch.

  8. You know it Bilbo.

    MS has the money to sacrifice on Zune for years. They will not kill it, never. They are in the game and will not pull the plug. They WILL copy the Apple product strategy. Zune “shuffle” and Zune “Nano” will be out in ’07.

    They will release a shuffle with a screen
    Introducing the Zune Jumble.

    They will have a Zune Nano, flash based of course
    but NO wifi.

    Introducing the Baby Zune (like the Baby taylor guitar)

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